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Creating a school culture to improve student behaviour

From the UK Department of Education : “An independent review providing practical guidance to teachers about how to tackle bad behaviour in the classroom was released  March 24 2017.

Teacher and behaviour expert Tom Bennett spent several months meeting classroom teachers and leaders from a variety of schools to identify successful strategies used to tackle disruptive behaviour.

His report ‘Creating a culture: how school leaders can optimise behaviour’ [pdf] (76 pages) concludes that while there is no ‘silver bullet’, there are a variety of strategies that can be used to tackle poor behaviour.

It also highlights that although standards of behaviour can be a challenge for schools, leadership is key to creating the right culture to tackle this issue.”

Check it out! Rowan

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ROM ReCollects

In 2014, the Royal Ontario Museum turns 100 and they are planning ahead: 

ROM ReCollects is one shared event that classes or classroom teachers could really get into, providing stories of visits – highlights or misadventures.

“We are inviting our most important partners—you, our audience—to help us chronicle the history of this great museum. By logging into ROM ReCollects on our website, you can submit your favourite memories, reflections, photos, and spoken words to our chronicle of the ROM. Share with us your fondest memories, funniest stories or most memorable moments. (Here’s a special callout to Summer Camp participants over the past 70-plus years: we’re hoping to compile a special tribute to this longstanding family tradition!) And watch our website for ongoing updates to what is sure to be a fun and nostalgic stroll through our history.”


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Outdoor Education Bibliography

Judy A., one of our fabulous librarians has created a bibliography to support Outdoor Education. TDSB teachers can request books (via the courier) and articles (emailed). Phone 416 395-8289 or email


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Friday smile

Driving in today, I laughed at the following 3 licence plates:

  1. Dsntcook
  2. Grzablla (for Cats fans)
  3. Noreally

Have a good weekend, albeit soggy.


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2 new releases in the What Works series

The Ministry has released  two new documents in the What Works Series:

Trigonomety in Grade 3? (Research Monograph #42 by George Gadanidis)

Bringing Marginalized Parents and Caregivers into their Children’s Schooling (Research Monograph #43 by Dr John Ippolito)

Read on,


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Aligning resources with Priorities

The Ministry has released the Fall 2012 (Bulletin #6) Ideas into Action, titled Aligning Resources with Priorities: Focusing on What matters Most. In this issue the authors examine the research for aligning resources (time, money, people, materials, equipment, facilities, knowledge, skills) from a leadership role perspective. It is a substantial article (not short) … kind of like a crash course in project management in education. Check it out.


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TDSB Libraries

On Monday, Connie and I are doing a presentation to some Kindergarten  teachers on math/numeracy.  We have been asked to do the library dog and pony show, which includes a tour of Tippett and a demonstration of the online resources/web pages.

If any TDSB teacher wants a tour of Tippett, give me a call. The reality is that every teacher in TDSB should come to Tippett for a tour because only once you see it,  do you understand the extent of the amazing resources available to support your classroom work and professional development.

We also do a demonstration of our online resources, which includes the Professional Library TDSBweb page, the school library website, and Medianet  for DVDs and streamed media). The resources are amazing: there is no excuse for any teacher or student to say that s/he could not find anything because there – is – oodles – of  -information. However, I will be the first person to admit that if you are not into libraries, it can be overwhelming.  You can see everyone’s eyes start to glaze over as the huge array of databases, websites and passwords are presented .. and we usually only have 10 minutes to do it!   Anyhow, to this end, I have created a Library 911 chart, attached below. Obviously, it does not include password information, but I hope that it offers a simple and clear overview of the different library resources available to TDSB teachers.

Library 911

Who are you going to call?



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