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TDSB provides parent tips on starting the new school year

Click here and review some useful tips from TDSB on getting off to a great start this school year.

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Tippett Centre circulates novel sets, K-8

Submitted by Judy A, one of our fabulous reference librarians

New Novel Set Titles in the Circulating Library

For TDSB teachers needing novel sets for their primary, junior or intermediate classroom: The Circulating Library here at Tippett Centre has recently acquired some new titles. Appropriate for K-8 students and with links to the elementary curriculum, novel sets may be booked by contacting Gwen Mills at (416) 395-2101 or emailing  There are now over 500 novel set titles available to TDSB staff!

Teachers may search for novel sets in Medianet using the Full Search Catalogue screen. To limit the search to Circulating Library materials only, go to the Office search box and open the dropdown menu to select Circulating Library. Comprehensive lists of available titles are also available from the Professional Library.

Please note that novel sets must be picked up at Tippett by the borrower, or a delegate.

Check it out!

Judy A, Reference Librarian

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TDSB Research on Suspension Rates

In June 2013, the TDSB Research Department published a new release in their FACT series on Caring and Safe Schools, titled Suspension Rates By Students’ Demographics and Family Background Characteristics, as captured (partly) by the 2006 Student Census and 2007 Parents Census. Here are some of the trends:

  • consistent decline in suspension rates over past 5 years
  • males had higher suspension rates
  • students born in Canada had higher suspension rates that those who were born outside of Canada
  • students living with 2 parents had lower suspension rates than in single parent families
  • lower suspension rates are also associated with parents who have higher education levels and income levels
  • Special education students have much higher suspension rates than those without spec ed needs
  • Students who spoke Somali, Portuguese, Arabic, Dari, Spanish, English and French had higher suspension rates than other groups.

Check it out!


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Parenting and Family Literacy Centres

Since 1999, the TDSB Research Center has been reviewing the effectiveness of parenting and family literacy centres,  and they have released an article in their in-house journal, Research Today  8(1), titled Parenting and Family Literacy Centres: Engaging Children, Empowering Parents.

This 4-page release is intensely full of content, data, research. It concludes that these centres are very effective for both children (enhancing preschoolers multiple developmental areas) and parents (quality time with children; acquired practical sustained knowledge and skills; increased engagement with community). “This capacity building for parents was particularly valuable for families in high-needs or immigrant communities, where parents  were often experiencing isolation with their young child(ren), and where resources, social networks and familiarity with or access to community services were limited”.

Check it out!


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TDSB Resource Allocation Review

The news is abuzz with the Pricewaterhousecoopers report Resource Allocation Review. TDSB has posted the report on its internet web site, where it can be read along with the  Board response to the recommendations. See


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Boys’ Leadership Academies

Part 2 of the City News program on boys’ education, aired yesterday, is available online, in which 3 charming young boys (grade 5-ish) from the TDSB Boys’ Academy are interviewed about their preferences for their single-sex environment:

It will be interesting to read the inevitable reports on the effectiveness of these classrooms. 

I wonder if City will do the same for the other academies, particularly the girls leadership academy? Two sides of the same coin?

TDSB teachers may contact the Professional Library (416 395 8289 or for more reading on single sex education.  


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City TV on Boys

Yesterday on City TV,  they published a 5 minute video interview segment titled The Inside Story: The Boy Crisis in the Education System.  You have to get past the President’s Choice ad first, but then there are some interviews with Chris Spence, other educators and boys on this topic. On Thursday, the same program team will interview boys from the TDSB all-boys academy.

TDSB teachers may contact the library for books and articles on this topic.



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