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Video on Blended learning and LD students in the regular classroom

Blended Learning: Levelling the Playing Field for Students with Learning Disabilities, available on Youtube and the LDAO site, and see how students at St. Ambrose School in HPCDSB are using technology, how its building their confidence, and the difference educators and administrators are seeing in their school board.

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Ministry funds reading & spec ed project in selected schools

Today the Ministry announced “Ontario Providing More Support for Students with Learning Disabilities: Innovative Pilot Programs Underway in Schools Across the Province

Selected from the news release:

  • “Ontario is launching eight pilot projects to provide more reading support for students with learning disabilities, with participating schools in Cambridge, London, Sudbury and Windsor.”
  • “These projects are intended to help students with learning disabilities get the support they need closer to home, and improve their reading skills.”
  • “The pilots are supported by a research team and are intended to strengthen school boards’ capacity to provide more support for students without having to leave their community. This team will provide input and guidance on how best to share the knowledge gained from the pilots with other school boards across Ontario.”


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LDAO podcast on executive functioning

LD@school has posted a free podcast titled Executive Functioning Explained: Recognizing, Understanding, Supporting by Dr. Marie-Josée Gendron, Ph.D., C.Psych. Links to additional and related resources are also provided.

Check it out! Rowan

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Ministry: French students with special needs

The Ministry has released a new resource supporting the French language curriculum, titled Including students with special education needs in French as a second language programs: A guide for Ontario Schools.

It is hard enough to find resources on teaching French, let alone French students with special needs.

I took a quick look and the Ebsco journal databases included 3 fairly recent articles:

  1. Joy, R., & Murphy, E. (2012). The inclusion of children with special educational needs in an intensive French as a second language program: From theory to practice. Canadian Journal of Education, 35(1), 102-119.
  2. Arnett, K. (2010). Scaffolding instruction in a grade 8 core French classroom: An exploratory case study. Canadian Modern Language Review, 66(4), 557-582.  Request email copy from Professional Library.
  3. Mady, C., & Arnett, K. (2009). Inclusion in French Immersion in Canada: One parent’s perspective. Exceptionality Education International, 19(2), p37-49.

For other Canadian resources supporting French Immersion (not necessarily spec ed and French), check out EduGains and Curriculum Services Canada .


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Canadian article on improving teacher education for Spec Ed

The March 2105 (vol. 50 (4)) issue of Intervention in School and Clinic  includes an article by Adam W. McCrimmon (University of Calgary) titled Inclusive Education in Canada: Issues in Teacher Preparation, pages 234-237.

In the article, McCrimmon reports that many teachers, working in inclusive/integrated/mainstreamed classrooms, feel unprepared, that they “do not feel that they possess the required expertise to effectively instruct students” (p 235). Research also indicates that teacher attitudes towards exceptional students improves positively with more years of experience and “that teacher knowledge and experience with childhood disabilities has been shown to dramatically enhance teacher self-efficacy and effectiveness” ( p. 235).

McCrimmon looked at course descriptions posted on the websites of faculties of education of the four largest Canadian universities and concluded that “none of the these programs appears to require teachers in training to be systematically exposed to definitions and/or descriptions of childhood disabilities in conjunction with mentored experience with research-informed effective classroom-based intervention practices” (p. 235).

Acknowledging the problem of the BEd curriculum already being at its maximum, McCrimmon suggests that “the provision of focused certificate programs that provide highly specialized training and experience with specific childhood disabilities to enhance teachers’ knowledge and capacity in the classroom” (p. 236) is one solution, and he describes the program offered by one Canadian university as a postgraduate certificate.

TDSB teachers what want to read the article in full from within the network may do so here. TDSB teachers may obtain password information by contacting the library at (416) 395-8289 or via this document Remember to use your TDSB Google password to open the document.

Check it out!


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EduGains announces new Special Education website

Check out the Special Education website launched via EduGains.  Note that it includes a section dedicated to ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorders, sample IEPs, and learning disabilities.  Use the site to find ministry documents/ resources, policies, as well as links to non-Ministry resources/sites.



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People for Education video about Special Education

People for Education has released a new 4-minute video for parents on special education. It provides an overview on what to do if you think your child has a learning difference and needs additional school support. Key points include the importance of advocating for your child and being aware of the range of special education supports available for the student. For schools, this would be a great video to share with parents, and include in newsletters.

Check it out!



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