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Bibliography humor – is it possible?

This is my Friday giggle, library humor if you will.

We create a lot of bibliographies in the library and let’s be honest,  it does not matter how quickly you can do it…BORING! I am sure that there are many  librarians who love doing bibliogs (thrill of the chase, creating a shareable product, publishing/academic opportunities). But to do ’em right –  they take time, they are persnickety (you gotta know your APA, MLA, Chicago), you have to update them regularly, and really, does anyone care?  The similarities to housework are amazing.

So, you have to get your giggles where you can. I sometimes joke that the library is full of asses!  When  we  create a bibliog of Professional Library materials, we include the call number which consits of the Dewey number and the cutter. The cutter is usually the first 3 letters of the author’s name.  Well, we have a lot of books from associations, and therefore the cutter become “ASS”. Get it?

Working in an education library, doing bibliogs, you are going to see a lot of the same words repeated: students, learning, teach/ers/ing, Ministry etc. When my fingers get typing too fast, it is easy to make typos and the one that I do all the time is to drop the “n” in learning=learing. And the darn spell check does not catch it.  Could I be learing at the asses!

These are some of  my  personal giggles (scary, hmm?). However, there are some for-real-funny library humor websites. Here are some samples (in no specific order):

From Youtube :

 From Pinterest;

 Library humor pathfinder:

 Flikr Library humor:

IFLA Library humor :

Have a fun weekend everyone, Rowan

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Personal Rant ‘n Rave: New kitchen

This has absolutely nothing to do with education, but I needed to rant and rave, and isn’t that what blogs are all about?

After living in my house for 20 years with a kitchen that must be a minimum of 40 + plus years old (the back door and window were circa 1950 and very drafty!), we are renovating. The new kitchen is a thing of beauty; it is the total opposite of the old one … gone are the wooden cupboards and in are high gloss white IKEA cabinets. Gone is the old Moffat (remember Moffat?) stove and the roll ’em dishwasher. In are new stainless steel appliances.

I wanted to drag the kitchen into the 20th century and enjoy it before we move. I am on a 10 year plan to move, not that anyone else in the family is, but that is another rant and rave story. Anyhow, we’ve made a bunch of decisions with an eye to being ‘now now’ as well as to the selling the joint. I watch the home channel and I know what home buyers want 🙂

One  decision is stainless steel appliances (that show every fingerprint, sneeze, and butter smear). Others include  hardwood floors (scratch and dent), and granite countertops (very unforgiving for glassware, stains).  Ladies (OK and gentlemen too), are we crazy? Why are we doing this? Does this not make more housework for us, every night wiping down appliances, sweeping & mopping floors? Well maybe you do this every night, but I sure don’t. Are we letting kitchen  fashion trends dictate common sense? Dimes a donut  by the time my 10 year plan to move actually happens, my kitchen will no longer be in fashion,  and trends will have reversed to indestructible, rubber products that you could throw a pizza at and never see!

There, I feel better now!


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Rant and Rave

My morning commute has me driving on the northbound DVD. Some drivers have taken to using the on/off / merger lanes as passing lanes.  Like, what is this? At best it makes a difference of 3 cars, and just slows everyone else down! But I guess it is all about them.


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Feminization of Education

Does any one else have a problem with the term “feminzation of education” ? It has been bandied about as one reason to explain why boys are not achieving as well as girls, especially in reading,  as per last week’s Globe and Mail article  by Kate Hammer Report Card… Don’t you find that there is something negative about the phrase and seems to place the blame for the less than stellar academic achievement levels of boys on the entire female gender?

Back in the ’80s when educators were trying to encourage girls to participate more actively in math, the sciences, and computers, I don’t remember it being a problem attributed to the “masculinization of education”.  But maybe…it is kind of like typing was something girls did; keyboarding was something the boys did.

“Feminzation of education”  is a concept that does not include action-based learning (too much sitting and rote learning) ; that has too many ‘ girly-books’ (lack of male protagonists); and where most of the role models (teachers and principals) are female. 

Maybe the gender differences in academic achievement  is more the result of the emphasis on a stuffed curriculum geared to standarized testing where school day time constraints have placed a greater emphasis on classic learning styles to be successful.

Whatever, I am not saying that there is not a problem (although it looks good on the girls…maybe there is some sour grapes at work here), and that it doesn’t require review and continually improved teaching and learning  strategies.  What I am saying is that there has to be a better term to describe the problem.


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“Vote Against Kids”

Have you seen the ETFO> television ad campaign, titled Vote Against Kids ?<>

So far there are 4 in the series, each a very short vignette of 16 minutes. I’m going to say that I don’t get it. Obviously it is a warm up for the upcoming October 6th provincial election, but I don’t understand the message.  Do you?

Also, they indicate that the message is brought to you by the ETFO – the acronym not the full format.  Someone I was sitting with looked at me and asked what the ETFO was.  I bet there are many citizens who do not know what the initials represent.


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Ontario’s labour market – time for change

Reaching middle age, my children and the children of neighbours and friends are reaching the age of entering the labour market. Clutching their university and college degrees, they are encountering difficult challenges finding full-time employment  in their chosen fields. It can be very depressing for these new graduates.

Today the Metcalf Foundation released a report titled Working Together: Creating a High Performing Labour Market in Ontario, written by Tom Zizys.  It grew out a perceived disconnect between a well-educated Ontario society in which employees complain about skills shortages. Middle level jobs are disappearing and there is greater polarization between “knowledge level” jobs and “entry-level jobs”

The research indicates that:

  • job seekers cannot find work in their chosen fields (did you know that in Toronto, 45% of full-time, full year, restaurant servers have postsecondary degrees?);
  • jobs are often short-term and insecure;
  • employees are stuck in dead-end jobs with little pay nor security, nor room to advance;
  • employers are not getting the employees they need, are not keeping the ones they’ve got,  and experience low levels of productivity.

Interesting read. Also, here is a link to the CBC (Matt Galloway) interview with the author


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Reading a Book before Gifting it!

So it is my daughter’s birthday soon,  and as we will be seeing her this weekend we’ll be giving her a B-day gift. Part of the gift package includes a new book (Book 4 in the City of series by Cassandra Clare). Both of us have read the previous 3 books in the teen series and enjoyed them hugely. In spite of being slightly troubled by a 4th book ( I kind of liked the way the series ended after the 3rd book), I am madly reading the book (very carefully so it remains pristine) before I have to wrap it.

So my husband is horrified, ” OMG, you can’t buy a book, read it and then gift is as brand new”.  “Yeah, yeah”, said I as I steamed past the half way mark. After all, it is family, I am very gentle with the book and I won’t see my daughter til whenever, so who knows when I will get to read it otherwise.

What do you think? Tacky? Classless?


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