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Parent guide to the new Kindie report card

Full day Kindergarten: Understanding your child’s reports: A Parent’s Guide to Kindergarten Communication of Learning: Initial Observations and the Kindergarten Communication of Learning [pdf]

From the guide: “This guide has information to help you understand:

  • the format of the new reports
  • how you can support your child’s learning through ongoing communication with their educators.”

For more information about Kindergarten, Kindergarten assessment, check out the following :

Check ’em out! Rowan

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People for Education: Competing Priorities: 2017 annual report on Ontario education

From their June 5th news release: “People for Education’s 2017 Report on Ontario’s Publicly Funded Schools reveals ongoing challenges in a number of areas, including demands created by competing and overlapping provincial initiatives, ongoing regional inequities, and growing gaps in schools’ fundraising.”

From a school library perspective (me: kind of sad when all the research supports greater student success in schools with full time qualified TLs)

  • “Only 52% of elementary schools have a teacher-librarian, either full- or part-time – a decline from 60% in 2008, and 80% in 1998.
  • 68% of secondary schools have teacher-librarians – a decline from 76% in 2008.”

“People for Education recommended that the province:

  1. substantially revise the funding formula so that it provides equitable support and opportunities for all students, no matter where they live.
  2. undertake a review to evaluate and rationalize the plethora of overlapping programs, and develop a coherent approach so that all initiatives share common language and common goals.
  3. divide the current Learning Opportunities Grant into two grants – one focused on student success, and one specifically focused on redistributive equity. The new “equity in education grant” should support resources, programs, opportunities and strategies that have been shown to mitigate the impact of socio-economic factors on students’ chances for success in school.
  4. establish a new set of relevant indicators of student success that are more congruent with the interests, needs, and motivation of Indigenous communities, and vital for students’ success in school and life.”

Read the full report here.


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TIPS4MATH: grade overviews, lessons, blended learning activities

From Edugains Math:  TIPS4Math is now available to support you with planning your mathematics program.

The Grades 1 to 3, 4 to 6, and 7 & 8 overviews outline a possible scope and sequence aligned from grades 1 to 8 to support differentiated instruction and combined grades.  The overviews consist of lesson bundles identifying specific and overall expectations as well as possible timing based on 60 minutes per day.  There is flexibility in timing to support additional days for assessment, reinforcement, practice and evaluation. Each lesson bundle overview outlines a possible lesson sequence with its learning focus and hyperlinks to key mathematics resources such as mathies learning tools and games, guides to effective instruction, blended learning activities for grades 4 to 8, and TIPS4RM.

TIPS4Math Grade 9 Applied overview units are organized the same way as TIPS4RM.   The lesson overviews for each of the units identify learning foci and include links to the blended learning activities and other key mathematics resources.  The teacher notes for the blended learning activities include information to implement the activity including prior knowledge, next steps, common misconceptions, suggestions for activity including solutions and additional information to support/enhance and extend learning.

TIPS4Math Grade 10 Applied overview units are organized the same way as TIPS4RM.   The lesson overviews for each of the units identify learning foci and include links to key mathematics resources.

Click on < TIPS4Math > in the left menu on the Mathematics K-12 home page.

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People for Education release Arts report

From their website:

“Elementary teacher candidates in Ontario are only required to take one course in the arts, but Ontario’s Arts curriculum is extremely detailed, and requires in-depth knowledge, making it a challenge for teachers without specialized arts training.

In 2016/17:

  • Only 41% of elementary schools have specialist music teachers, and the vast majority of those are part-time.
  • 15% of schools with grades 7 and 8 have a visual arts teacher, a number which has been fairly consistent over the past decade.
  • 8% of schools with grades 7 and 8 have a specialist drama teacher.
  • 30% of elementary schools have itinerant music teachers/instructors.
  • 40% of schools have no music teacher at all (itinerant instructor or music specialist). This is a substantial increase in schools with no music teacher (from 31% in 2007-08).

Many principals cited difficulties finding qualified music teachers in rural areas. Others reported challenges in hiring specialist teachers due to new regulations that may make it more difficult to hire teachers based on their specialty. In addition, an underlying perception that other curriculum areas, such as math, take priority over the arts, can create scheduling challenges in schools.”

Note that the GTA has the highest percentage (62%)  of elementary schools with a full or part time music teacher.

Read the 2017 report and recommendations here [pdf].

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Ministry celebrates improved public school graduation rates

From a Mistry news release: “In 2016, the five-year graduation rate increased to 86.5 per cent – up more than 18 percentage points compared to the 2004 rate of 68 per cent. The number of students graduating in four years continues to grow and is now 79.6 per cent – an increase of more than 23 percentage points since 2004.”

See chart : 2016 Graduation Rates Across the Province

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Ontario Autism Coalition releases report

Yesterday, the Ontario Autism Coalition (OAC)  released a new report  titled A New Horizon [pdf]

From their web page:

The OAC’s top five recommendations call upon the Ministry of Education to:

  1. Increase and improve training in special education for teacher candidates;
  2. Revise PPM 140 and enforce its application;
  3. Reform education funding with a focus on a needs-based approach to special education funding and more accountability for money transferred to school boards;
  4. Allocate funding to hire more EA’s and to deliver more extensive training in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) for all those who work with autistic students; and
  5. Establish a Demonstration School and/or a Provincial School for students with autism.

For additional media about this see: Toronto Star  Advocacy group calls for better autism supports in schools

Also Ministry news release: Ontario Preserving Autism Supports and Child Care Spaces in Etobicoke and North York

Check it out! Rowan

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OPHEA: First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities

From OPHEA‘ s December 201 6 newsletter:

Ophea’s First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities (DPA) resource makes it easy and fun to incorporate DPA into school or community programs for primary, junior and intermediate students (ages 5-14). This free resource was developed in consultation with First Nations educators and includes 30 activity cards and related support materials that incorporate First Nations culture and traditions, as well as Ophea’s 50 Fitness Activities and Stretching Guide.

Access First Nations Inspired DPA resource!

The OPHEA website includes many additional resources supporting fitness and health.

Check it out! Rowan

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