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Library is open March Break

For those of you not heading where its south and beachy, or north and downhilly,  the Professional Library is open during the March Break. We are  located at 3 Tippett (Wilson and the Allen), 8:30 to 4:30.  Come for a tour, come for some hands-on research assistance. Let us give you the inside scoop on finding and using library databases!


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Summer Hours

The TDSB Professional Library is open July and August to support teachers taking AQ courses and preparing for next September. Librarians will be available to assist you with your research and information needs.

Our hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30. Phone (416) 395-8289 and email

You may continue to access our online catalogue and full text journals from home via the TDSB. Begin with the TDSBweb page ( >Staff login > select TDSBweb > Under the Services drop down menu, select Professional Library.

Enjoy the summer holidays!


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TDSB Libraries

On Monday, Connie and I are doing a presentation to some Kindergarten  teachers on math/numeracy.  We have been asked to do the library dog and pony show, which includes a tour of Tippett and a demonstration of the online resources/web pages.

If any TDSB teacher wants a tour of Tippett, give me a call. The reality is that every teacher in TDSB should come to Tippett for a tour because only once you see it,  do you understand the extent of the amazing resources available to support your classroom work and professional development.

We also do a demonstration of our online resources, which includes the Professional Library TDSBweb page, the school library website, and Medianet  for DVDs and streamed media). The resources are amazing: there is no excuse for any teacher or student to say that s/he could not find anything because there – is – oodles – of  -information. However, I will be the first person to admit that if you are not into libraries, it can be overwhelming.  You can see everyone’s eyes start to glaze over as the huge array of databases, websites and passwords are presented .. and we usually only have 10 minutes to do it!   Anyhow, to this end, I have created a Library 911 chart, attached below. Obviously, it does not include password information, but I hope that it offers a simple and clear overview of the different library resources available to TDSB teachers.

Library 911

Who are you going to call?



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So exciting! The Professional Library and Library Media Resources (Medianet) have created a new poster advertising our services. It should be in the schools sometime this week. Look for it!

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Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year

I’d like to welcome you back for the 2011-2012 school year and take this opportunity to remind everyone about the resources and services of the TDSB Professional Library.

 Our TDSBweb page (half way down in the Services drop down menu) provides you with one-stop access to education information and resources. We offer the following:

  • work and home access to the book catalogue and journal articles;
  • bibliographies and pathfinders on hot topics with live links to journal articles so they can be read online instantly (the password information is included in the document);  
  • direct access to Medianet (DVDs, kits) and Learn360 (streamed videos);
  • a form that you can use to recommend new books;  
  • links to Canadian education web sites as well the elementary and secondary school library web pages (general journal databases, e-books, student research guides).

 Have a successful school year, and please contact the Professional Library with your research and information needs.


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Library open

A reminder that the Professional Library is open July and August (Mon to Fri, 8:30 to 4:30) to assist teachers with AQ courses, or any TDSB educator needing our resources and services for planning, research or administrative purposes.

Phone us (416) 395-8289, email us, or check us out online on TDSBweb in the drop down services menu.



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ERIC on Youtube

In the good old days,  ERIC, was the primary source of North American information about books, articles, and reports on education.  I spent many an hour searching through print indexes and  microfiche … but that is another story. With the advent of full text journal databases, ERIC was no longer the only player on the field and has struggled to reinvent itself.

ERIC is no longer the primary source of education information, because it does not provide full text articles to the same extent as the commercial databases,  BUT, I would be remiss if I did not recommend it to all educators.  ERIC  may not have everything full text, but it still has the best indexing system and I have found references to important articles that I had not found when searching the commercial databases.  Plus, it does include some full text stuff, especially current reports, pamphlets and brochures, conference papers that you will not find in the databases.

So to be thorough and maximize your search, especially if you need more than ‘5 good articles’, you should  include ERIC in your search.  ERIC has released a series of short videos on YouTube that describe how to search ERIC. You might want to check it out:


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