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Mathematics Leadership (en Francais)

The Literacy Numeracy Secretariat has released a new French language webcast on mathematics leadership, described as “En tant que leader pédagogique, la direction d’école joue un rôle important quant à la performance et à l’amélioration des élèves de l’école. Cette vidéo se veut un outil pour aider les directions d’école à exercer leur leadership pédagogique en mathématiques. Elle fournit des idées et des exemples pratiques qui visent l’amélioration du rendement des élèves.”

Check it out!


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Ideas into Action

MoE Articles about Leadership: Ideas into Action: Professional learning series that provides research insights and practical strategies for school and system leaders.

The Ministry has released updated editions, Winter 2012/2013, of the following articles (note that I have abbreviated the titles):

  1. Five Core Capacities of Effective Leaders
  2. Engaging in Courageous Conversations
  3. Promoting Collaborative Learning Cultures
  4. Setting Goals
  5. Using Data

Check them out!


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Principals: Getting the best

2 new reports have been published about principals. The outcome is to have school boards effectively train, hire, and develop great principals who can improve teaching and learning.  

SEDL has released a briefing page titled Identifying Competencies and Actions of Effective Turnaround Principals. Basically it is a literature review, and it summarizes the research showing characteristics of principals in successful schools, for example

“Duke’s (2006, pp. 26–27) turnaround school research identified 10 changes that were key to success and therefore essential to school transformation:

  1. Collaboratively defined focus or mission
  2. Collaboratively agreed-upon set of core beliefs, including the belief that all children can learn, an allegiance to teamwork and decisions based on data, and concentrated attention toward sharing responsibility and student learning
  3. Shared leadership
  4. Emphasis on literacy
  5. Initiatives that provide extra learning time for students
  6. Teams become the source for planning, analyzing student learning, aligning curricula, and implementing interventions
  7. Data used in all decision making
  8. Focused staff development
  9. Frequent review of instructional content and assessment
  10. Reformed efforts to engage parents and community members”

The Wallace Foundation has released a report titled Districts Matter: Cultivating the Principals Urban Schools Need. It makes 2 broad recommendations:

  1. Build a large corps of well-qualified candidates for the principalship, through: job descriptions, pre-service training, selective hiring, ensuring the hard-to-staff schools get top quality leaders.
  2. Support school leaders on the job, by: effective performance evaluations (accountability), mentoring, relevant data and training on how to use it, provide time to improve instruction, succession planning.

Check them out!


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The Price of Incivility

The Price of incivility: Lack of respect hurts morale – and the bottom line” is
an article written by Christine Porath and Christine Pearson appearing in the January-February2013  issue of Harvard Business Review.  This great article investigates the effect of rudeness and disrespect (including teasing and gossiping) in the workplace.

The outcomes of incivility include: creativity suffers; performance and team spirit deteriorates; customers leave. “Failure to keep tabs on behavior can allow incivility to creep into everyday interactions – and could cost your organization  millions in lost employees, lost customers, and lost productivity” (p.117). Big or small organizations, profit or non-profit, this article applies to everyone, at home too!

To read this brief article and to learn ways of modeling good behaviour and curtailing rudeness, TDSB employees can contact the library to request a copy, (416) 395-8289 or email


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School Boards Matter

Love ’em or hate ’em, school boards are entrenched in the Canadian education scene.

The Canadian School Board Association has just released  the following report: School Boards Matter: Report of the Pan-Canadian Study of School District Governance by B. Sheppard,G. Galway, J. Brown, J. Weir in collaboration with the CSBA. In it the authors examine the role of school boards in public education and include 9 recommendations about their continued and future roles.


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Leading Success toolkit

Leading Success is a free online toolkit,  developed by NASSP and the (US) College Board Advocacy & Policy Centre,  for school principals to use with their staff. The home page states “Leading Success shares the techniques of successful educators through videos that chronicle their stories, as well as an anthology of best practices, collaborative activities and research in an innovative toolkit for all educators.”

Currently,  the kit includes 5 modules:

  1. Developing Leadership Skills for Change
  2. Using Data to Assess and Inform School Change
  3. Creating a College-Going Culture
  4. Building an Inclusive School Culture
  5. Student Voices in the Hallways

The quality/clarity of the videos are excellent;  the research seems to be based on resources created by the 2 founding organizations;  and there are collaborative activity ideas to use with staff. The site models  best practices and includes links to turnaround schools

Check it out,


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Education Leadership in Ontario

The Ministry has released the Fall 2012 issue of In Conversation  titled, 21st Century Leadership: Looking Forward: An Interview with Michael Fullan and Ken Leithwood.  It is an interesting read, discussing  accountability, responsibility, collaborative/whole-school approaches,  achievement gap, qualities of leadership. While, the format of the document does not include a combined list of resources or a bibliography (tsk, tsk), it does include highlighted references re evidence-based practices throughout the article that discusses core Ministry and other documents and with links where available.

And one of the links, great for any Ontario educator with leadership aspirations, is the Ontario Institute for Education and in particular its Ontario Leadership Framework page. Look for the handy charts, especially the one on  school level leadership.

Welcome back everyone, well as close as one can be to being back, and Happy 2013.


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