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Children born Sept to Dec in California may attend Transitional Kindergarten

From the AIR news release titled How Transitional Kindergarten Helps Younger Children Prepare for School research reports show positive outcomes for children: “Key findings from the final report show that students who attend California’s transitional kindergarten program enter kindergarten with stronger mathematics and literacy skills and are more engaged in their learning than students who did not attend transitional kindergarten. The program shows an advantage for all students, with particular benefits for English learners and low-income students, and its benefits hold up regardless of variations in instructional practices or classroom structure.”

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Parent guide to the new Kindie report card

Full day Kindergarten: Understanding your child’s reports: A Parent’s Guide to Kindergarten Communication of Learning: Initial Observations and the Kindergarten Communication of Learning [pdf]

From the guide: “This guide has information to help you understand:

  • the format of the new reports
  • how you can support your child’s learning through ongoing communication with their educators.”

For more information about Kindergarten, Kindergarten assessment, check out the following :

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EduGains: New Kindergarten Resources

Where to Find Kindergarten Supports. Many new resources have been posted on the Kindergarten site of EduGAINS. For a visual guide on where to find key Kindergarten supports, please click < here >.

4 page document: Where to Find Support Materials for Growing Success, the Kindergarten Addendum (2016) see

Communicating with Parents about Children’s Learning – A Guide for Educators (Draft) A guide has been developed to support educators across the province in completing the new Communication of Learning templates. While the final version of Communicating with Parents about Children’s Learning – A Guide for Educators (2016) will be published on the EDU website in the near future, a draft version is now available online in the Kindergarten Subdomain of the EduGAINS website. See the document at

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Kindergarten entry and students with end of calendar year birthdays

Today’s globe and Mail included this article Should you keep a late-birthday child back from starting school?  by Diane Jermyn,  and discusses the pros and cons of holding back or redshirting childrens whose birthdays are late in the calendar year. See also this 2016 article by Jessica Kelman When should Kids Start Kindergarten and she includes a link to a Canadian study:

“A Canadian study suggests that redshirting can have positive academic outcomes, including a reduced chance that the child will repeat the third grade and in tenth grade improved math and reading scores. According to this study by the NBER, the effects are highest for boys (who are more often redshirted) and low-income students. Additionally, the researchers’ estimates suggest that not only is delayed kindergarten better, but starting too early may have negative consequences for kids.”

The internet is full of articles about this topic; TDSB teachers may contact the Library for more academic/research-based resources. Phone (416) 395-8289 or email

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Kindergarten (2016) : Learning Modules on Edugains

From EduGains Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Program – 2016

A series of learning modules are available to support educators with the implementation of the 2016 curriculum.

Click on < Training Resources> found in the Professional Learning Facilitator tab
of the Kindergarten site.

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2016 Kindergarten docs on Ministry webpage

Finally! Here it is on the Ministry’s  web page.

The Kindergarten Program, 2016

The Kindergarten Program, 2016, now available in PDF format (4.22 MB), supersedes The Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten Program, Draft Version, 2010–11. The policies outlined in The Kindergarten Program will be implemented in Ontario schools in September 2016.

In conjunction with the new Kindergarten program, the ministry has released the policy document Growing Success – The Kindergarten Addendum: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, 2016. Beginning in September 2016, the assessment, evaluation, and reporting of children’s learning in Kindergarten in Ontario schools will be based on the policies and practices described in this document.

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MoE 2016 Kindergarten docs available

Check out these new releases from the Ministry:

The Kindergarten Program (2016)

Growing Success: The Kindergarten Addendum (2016)

As of this moment in time, the Kindergarten Program document is not yet on their Kindergarten page,but any day now.

Also, check out the 2016 training resources available from EduGains.

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