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EduGAINS: New content in Adult Literacy, & Innocation in Action silos

EduGAINS is adding new content: Check out these! Content has been reproduced from their Whats New page.

21st Century Learning
New Video Resources21st Century Learning Highlights

Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
This video highlights the ways in which a Digital Learning Team in the Greater Essex County District School Board enriches student understanding of digital citizenship during a half day program. Students engage in various activities to learn about the various aspects of digital citizenship, culminating in an oral presentation to demonstrate their learning.
These student sessions coincide with teacher professional learning about the use of  technology to deepen students’ learning.

Professional Facilitators
Leveraging Technology to Support Student Learning

This video offers a glimpse into one school board’s journey of building a foundation of understanding across the system and growing digital skills for their teachers. The professional development aimed at leveraging technology was enabled by the creative use of a digital learning team. While the team teaches students about digital citizenship through interactive lessons, teachers attend a half-day facilitated workshop. With this model, every teacher in the board will attend this professional learning session.

Using Technology for Creativity and Communication
This video offers a glimpse into how students with learning disabilities use “technology to support and personalize their learning” as well as for demonstrating their creativity and improving their communication skills. Students become proficient at using their mobile devices and assistive technology resulting in increased self-confidence and success as learners.

Click on < Innovation in Action / Innovation Videos > in the left menu on the 21st Century Learning home page.


Adolescent Literacy

ALERT Make Room For Evaluating Sources of Information
This ALERT focusses on supporting students with explicit strategies for evaluating sources to determine whether they are credible, accurate, valid and useful.

ALERT Make Room For Engaging in Inquiry Learning
In this ALERT, the relationship between literacy and inquiry is explored. Explicit strategies are shared for supporting students to meet the literacy demands of inquiry.

Click on < Professional Learning / ALERT > in the left menu of the Literacy home page.

Leaders Connect – Using Student Voice to Inform Literacy Improvement Planning
This Leaders Connect explores approaches for incorporating student voice in the literacy improvement planning process.

Click on < Professional Learning / Leaders Connect > in the left menu
under the School Leader tab of the Literacy site.

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Technology for Deeper Learning

Further to Lauren’s post on new technologies …

Edugains,  21st Century,  has released a 2-page document titled  21st Century Teaching and Learning New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning What Research Tells Us…  which is all bout all about learning with technology and the importance of “… professional learning ought to provide educators with opportunities to develop the mindsets, knowledge and skills to meet the challenge of new pedagogies for deeper learning, and to contribute to the success of all students in Ontario” (p. 2).

Frankly I don’t think that there is anything rocket-science-y about this document, other than being a handy short summary of Ontario’s vision, some relevant research to support the vision, and a couple of references/ links to what other Boards are doing – well put like that it sounds like a lot. Lauren’s post refers to all the fabulous  resources on technology available from the Professional Library. If you’d like some information to get you going on using educational technology (Google, apps, gaming, coding, mobile devices or cell phones), please contact the Library at (416) 395-8289 or . And remember that the TDSB’s Teaching and Learning with Technology Department delivers major support, assistance, ideas, learning opportunities via their AW site at 

The one thing this article reminded me about was the Ontario’s Technology Learning Fund announced last September, see the Ministry or CODE for more info. The Ministry’s news release on the Technology Learning fund, says “Starting this school year, Ontario’s $150 million technology and learning fund will further enrich the classroom experience for students across the province. The fund will give kids more opportunities to become technologically savvy with tools, such as tablets, netbooks, cameras and software, while preparing them for success in the global economy.This investment will also strengthen professional learning for educators who will use technology and digital resources to enhance student engagement, learning and achievement.”

Things to check out!


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EduGain Math – Resources for classroom teachers

See EduGains math for links to the following new resources.

New Monograph and Webcasts in Mathematics

The following mathematics monograph and webcasts from the Ministry’s Student Achievement Resources Winter 2015 Package are now posted:

Click on < Monographs – What Works > and < Webcasts > 
on the Resource Collection page of Mathematics K-12.

And …

Ideas for School Newsletters

Ideas for School Newsletters is a repository of practical tips, activities, and resources that can be used to inform parents about how they can support their children in the learning of mathematics. School leaders may include these ideas in their communications (e.g. newsletters, websites) with parents/guardians.

Click on < School Leader / Ideas for School Newsletters > on the Math K-12 site.

Check ’em out,


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EduGains Literacy – Webinar on Student Voice (Gr 7-12)

From Edugains Literacy:

How School Leaders Incorporate Student Voice in Literacy Improvement Planning: This interactive online session will provide an opportunity for school leaders to further explore:

  • • the role of the principal in utilizing student voice in order to inform literacy improvement planning
  • • how to incorporate student voice in the literacy school improvement planning process
  • • ways of collecting, using and reflecting on student voice as part of the process

A webinar is being offered for school administrators responsible for the learning of students in grades 7-12.

Wednesday April 15, 2015            2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Tuesday April 21, 2015                 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Click < here > for more information and to register for this web conference.

Check it out!


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EduGains announces new Special Education website

Check out the Special Education website launched via EduGains.  Note that it includes a section dedicated to ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorders, sample IEPs, and learning disabilities.  Use the site to find ministry documents/ resources, policies, as well as links to non-Ministry resources/sites.



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New announcments on EduGains (Literacy, ELLs)

EduGains (you have this bookmarked, right?) has made two new announcements, one under Literacy (Adobe web conferences), the other under ELL (video content). From their What’s New Announcement page:

Literacy Adobe web conferences

The Winter/Spring, 2015 series of Adobe Connect web conferences are being offered to educators responsible for the learning of students in grades 7-12:

  • Supporting Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Three-Part Series
  • Academic Conversations to Move Thinking Forward

For further information and to register < click here >.


ELL Support for English Language Learners 

Supporting an English Literacy Development Program – Video Series
This video series was created to assist all educators as they support a specific group of English language learners – students requiring support within an English Literacy Development program. The learning needs of ELL with limited prior or interrupted schooling within Ontario schools are clearly recognized in Ontario’s ESL/ELD policy. Four of the video segments are located under the Professional Learning Facilitator tab and two under the School Leader tab.

Click on < Resources / ELD Video Series > in the left menu
under the Professional Learning Facilitator

Check it out!


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EduGains Adobe Connect on Collaborative Inquiry

I received this alert from EduGains this week. This  is very now now as it checks off all sorts of learning / PD boxes:

  1. it is using Adobe Connect technology,
  2. it is all about collaborative inquiry (hot topic), and
  3. it is interactive by recommending  that  you participate as team as it includes planning opportunities

Adobe Connect Professional Learning – Making the Most of Collaborative Inquiry

This live session will focus on monitoring collaborative inquiry processes by looking at current research on collaborative inquiry. Participants will have an opportunity to share insights and experiences, learn about navigating and embracing the inherent tensions and messiness of CI, and learn how to monitor and reflect on CI processes. Click to access Collaborative Inquiry in Ontario and Principals as Co-Learners: Supporting the Promise of Collaborative Inquiry

The web conference is open to all who have experienced or who would like to experience CI professional learning including teachers, administrators, and professional learning facilitators. Please plan to attend as a team (at a school or board office) as there will be opportunities for you to plan together.

This session will be repeated on two separate occasions:

November 25, 2014 1:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

November 26, 2014 9:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Please click < here > for more information and registration details.

Check it out! Rowan

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