April is Autism Awareness Month


The TDSB Professional Library has oodles of books and article to support teachers of students on the spectrum. Check out our updated list of resources:  http://bit.ly/PLAutism or our Autism/Asperger’s Pinterest board.

TDSB staff may log into the library catalogue to reserve books and have them couriered to your school, or please email us requests for resources or support for your upcoming learning events at professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca


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New Resources for Teaching Social Skills


The TDSB Professional Library has recently purchased a new series of resources on teaching social and relationship skills to students with special needs. Each book offers an assessment framework with games and activities focusing on self-awareness, non-verbal and verbal communication skills. Together they form a structured and comprehensive social skills curriculum for students with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Check them out!

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TDSB celebrates Sikh Heritage Month in April


Find out more about the Sikh history, culture and people by exploring the Sikh Heritage Resource Guide compiled by the TDSB Professional Library. It contains important websites, books and articles, and media and virtual resources.

The Ontario Ministry of Education is expected to release the New Learning Resource on Sikh Heritage sometime in spring.

Check out these two sites listed in the Sikh Heritage Resource Guide!

PASSAGE FROM INDIA: Immigration History.
    Highlights: For Teachers, The Komagata Maru, Indian Immigration, Quiz

Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada.
    Highlights: Educational resources (lesson plans), Poster

Enjoy the guide!

Judy Chyung – Librarian
TDSB Professional Library
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April is Latin-America History Month in TDSB!

Latin america

As this map shows, the Latin America encompasses all the countries in Central and South America that uses French, Portuguese, and Spanish language.

Check out our newly updated resource guide on Latin-America History Month that contains great curated resources, including some interesting websites:

Abya Yala
¡Hola Canada!  
Teaching Central America

To access all our Heritage Month Guides, please click here.

Judy Chyung – Librarian
TDSB Professional Library
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HONESTY is the Character Education Trait for March! Discover some new books to teach this trait.


Each month, the Professional Library will post a list of K-12 resources related to each character education trait.

March’s Character Education trait is Honesty

Check out our full Honesty booklist (bit.ly/PLCharacterEdHonesty) or see some highlighted titles below.

Elementary Titles
Colette’s lost pet by I. Arsenaut. Colette can’t find something to talk about with the new kids in the neighborhood, so she invents a pet and her fib quickly escalates.

The Chinese emperor’s new clothes  by Y.C. Competine.  A young emperor, whose advisors have taken advantage of him, enlists the help of honest tailors to reveal their misdeeds in this retelling of the classic fairy tale.

How Oscar Indigo broke the universe: and put it back together again by D. Teague. Oscar uses a mysterious gold watch that can stop time to fake a game winning home run in a baseball game at which he has never been good.

I promise by D. McPhail.  A little bear learns from his mother what it means to make and break a promise, as well as the lesson that some things in life simply cannot be promised.

Intermediate Titles
Crushing it by J. Levy. In this retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac for the middle grade set, Kat is enlisted by friend Olivia to woo new boy Tyler. Plans go awry and Kat learns it’s better to be honest and stay true to yourself.

Sophie someone by H. Long. Loving her international school and friends in Belgium despite questions about why her family moved away from England when she was little, 14-year-old Sophie makes a startling discovery about her identity and her family that throws into question everything she believed about trust, choices and forgiveness.

Things I should have known by C.S. LaZebnik. A popular Los Angeles teen tries to find love for her older, autistic sister.

Truth or dare. By D. Barbara.  A few white lies told during a simple game of truth or dare spin out of control and make life very complicated for a girl who returns home at the end of the summer to discover that her friends have become estranged and drama-prone.

Young Adult Titles
A face like glass by F. Hardinge. When Neverfell, who has no memory, arrives in Caverna, her facial expressions make her very dangerous to the people who live with blank faces or pay dearly to learn to simulate emotions

Ink by A. Broadway.  In Leora’s world, all your deeds are immortalized in your skin. When she discovers a terrible mark on her father which symbolizes the worst crime a person can commit, she has to grapple with that.

What to say next by J. Buxbaum.  When an unlikely friendship is sparked between relatively popular Kit Lowell and socially isolated David Drucker, Kit asks David for his help figuring out the how and why of her father’s tragic car accident.

These resource lists are produced to support teacher-librarians and teachers as they deliver instruction regarding the Character Education initiative and may be appropriate for read-alouds, literature circles, library displays and more.

Check out our past Character Education Resource lists: bit.ly/DirectoryCharacterEdListsPL



Please note the following points:

  • These are selected resources based on favourable literature reviews;
  • The Professional Library may own some of the listed books; teachers should also check their school libraries or local public libraries for availability;
  • Teachers should preview the books for appropriateness before instructional use or recommending them to students.

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March 2018 New Books at the TDSB Professional Library!


Check out our March 2018 New Books List to see the many new professional reading  opportunities from we’ve got lined up for you this spring.

Our Featured Resource is Teach me so I learn.  This book for French as a Second Language Teachers outlines how to foster successful learning by taking into account how students’ brains work and how they learn.  FSL teachers will discover how to:

– engage students’ brains to help develop autonomy
– plan student-centred learning opportunities
– nurture autonomous readers
– nurture autonomous writers
– help students develop thinking skills in FSL: problem solving, metacognition, critical       and creative thinking
– develop students’ cultural awareness and intercultural understanding

To get this book, or to have any of your other choices couriered directly to your school after March Break,  please contact us at professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca or 416-395-8289.  If the book is currently in the library,  you can also arrange to pick it up at our 3 Tippett Rd. Location, we are open 8:30am-5:00pm during March Break.

You can also use our online catalogue for the self service “Steps to request a book” on the top right of the New Books List.

Wishing everyone a fun and refreshing March Break!

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New Global Competencies Resource List


Access Global Competencies Resource List 

This curated resource list has been recently created in order to gather all the relevant professional resources on Global Competencies.

In the resource list, the books and ebooks are listed under the headings of  global competencies found in the TDSB Vision for Learning:

Collaboration and Leadership
Creativity, Inquiry and Entrepreneurship
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Global Citizenship and Character

Check out this new resource list to learn more about  Global Competencies!

Judy Chyung, Librarian – TDSB Professional Library
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