Secondary Math Summit Take-aways


TDSB Professional Library was pleased to have our “Information Station” at the Secondary Math Summit at Northern SS this past Friday, December 1st.  Librarians Judy Ameline and Natalie Colaiacovo were impressed by the packed sessions and frank discussions of the challenges and the needs for equity in Math education.  We’re glad you enjoyed our Resource List for TDSB staff (sorry to our external blog followers): Destreaming and Math for Struggling Learners .   Our sense is that the literature on the topic does not yet fully address the implementation and differentiation strategies at the level required, so our commitment is to watch for new publications and share them with you going forward.  Here are some reading ideas for now:

TDSB staff may log into the library catalogue to reserve the books and have them couriered to your school,  or please email us requests for resources or support for  your upcoming learning events at


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Conversations about culturally responsive pedagogy


In the current issue of Canadian School Libraries Journal, Deborah McCallum writes,  “I question whether I, as a White, female, Canadian, English-speaking person, can adequately facilitate the increase of assessment scores in math for students who have different identities and cultural groups. I think that this is a question that most of us ask.”  The TDSB Professional Library has resources that dig into this issue, and might support your own exploration of culturally responsive pedagogy:

TDSB staff may log into the library catalogue to reserve the books and have them couriered to your school or email us your requests


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Check out our new books for November 2017


Looking for the latest in educational literature? Check out some of the new books in our collection for November.

Find new resources to support instruction in special educationFrenchmental healthmathliteracy and more!

We’ve also added several new picture books to support instruction in social studies, social justice and science.

Check out the full list ( and see some highlighted titles below:

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New resources to help schools recognize Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week (Nov. 19-26)

Submitted by Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian


Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, held this year from Nov. 19-26th, allows us to take the time to carefully consider the impact of bullying on the lives of students.

TDSB emphasizes that “bullying prevention and intervention is about more than just eliminating bullying, it’s about promoting healthy relationships.” Read the Board’s full statement on the importance of this week and learn more about the Board’s bullying prevention programs on the Caring and Safe Schools website.

The Professional Library also has many new resources to help teachers stop bullying in the classroom and promote respectful behaviours

Check out our full Bullying Resource List ( for more books and articles from the Professional Library, DVDs & streamed media and other Virtual Library resources.

Some highlighted titles include:

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Children’s Mental Health

From Judy A.  – Librarian, Reference & Collection Management

Yesterday’s Toronto Star reported that, according to a newly released survey commissioned by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, almost half of Ontario youth have missed school because of anxiety.  In addition to that shocking statistic, the survey also reported that of the 18-34 year old respondents:

  • 40 per cent had sought mental health help.
  • Of those, 50 per cent found the experience of getting help challenging.
  • 42 per cent did not get the help they needed or are still waiting.

Clearly, anxiety and youth mental health in general have become significant issues to anyone who works with young people. TDSB staff who wish to do some research on these topics can check out the Professional Library’s:

Resource list on anxiety

Mental health Pinterest Board

Log into our catalogue to reserve the books of interest to you. Other questions?? TDSB staff, contact the Professional Library for all your information needs.

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TDSB EnVision Conference

From Judy A.  – Librarian, Reference & Collection Management

Next week, on November 15th and 16th, TDSB is hosting the 2017 EnVision Conference for LGBTQ students and their allies at Central Technical Institute, 725 Bathurst Street. The conference is free and includes snacks and a pizza lunch! Find out all the details and registration information on the TDSB EnVision webpage. For teacher resources to support LGBTQ students, check out our latest Pinterest board. Log into our catalogue to reserve the books of interest to you. Other questions?? TDSB staff, contact the Professional Library for all your information needs.

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November’s Character Education Trait is Empathy! Check out our resource list

Each month, the Professional Library will post a list of K-12 resources related to each character education trait.

November’s Character Education trait is Empathy!


Check out our full Empathy booklist ( or see some highlighted titles below.

Elementary Titles

The Heart’s Song by G. Tibo: Every day, Miss Matilda heads to the park with a suitcase of tools to mend the toys and other belongings of the children who play there until she comes to realize there are some problems her tools can’t fix.

Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess by Alma Fullerton: Having trouble coping with her mom’s upcoming marriage, Macy finds solace talking with 86-year-old Iris, who is also dealing with change.

Intermediate Titles

Restart by G. Korman: When bully Chase falls off his roof and loses his memory, he comes to empathize with the students he used to bully, and his former victims start to trust him again.

Lucky Jonah by R. Scrimger: When Jonah is gifted a magic disposable camera that allows him to trade places with the people he takes pictures of, he is forced to literally walk a mile in other people’s shoes.

Young Adult Titles

Optimists Die First by S. Nielsen-Fernlund: Overly cautious Petula’s relationship with handsome and supportive Jacob helps her break out of her shell, and come to terms with the death of her sister.

Goodbye Days by J. Zentner: Chris grapples with the concept of responsibility when he learns that his grandfather was part of the team that developed the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima during World War II

These resource lists are produced to support teacher-librarians and teachers as they deliver instruction regarding the Character Education initiative and may be appropriate for read-alouds, literature circles, library displays and more.

Check out our past Character Education Resource lists:

September Respect

October Responsibility


Please note the following points:

  • These are selected resources based on favourable literature reviews;
  • The Professional Library may own some of the listed books; teachers should also check their school libraries or local public libraries for availability;
  • Teachers should preview the books for appropriateness before instructional use or recommending them to students.
  • Related media resources are selected from TDSB Teaching Resources and the TDSB Virtual Library

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