Book: Pushing the Limits: How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

From Judy Chyung, Librarian – TDSB Professional Library

The Globe and Mail article, BACK TO SCHOOL: Surfing lessons, is an excerpt from the book, Pushing the Limits by Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer.

The book looks at how we “prepare children for a future we can’t even imagine?” and “examines the unique new challenges facing the Canadian education system and provides a vision of what schooling can and should look like in our rapidly changing world.”

A Montreal school board, featured in the book, has “launched a large-scale effort to ensure every student is equipped to take advantage of – and remain safe in – the new world of digital learning.”  They have implemented a digital citizenship program that works with students to stress the importance of developing a “positive digital footprint.” For them, helping students develop a positive digital footprint means harnessing technology to emphasize the broader learning goals of creating, collaborating on and publishing their work from a very early age.”

You can reserve this book from the TDSB Professional Library Book Catalogue: Pushing the Limits.

Also check out our resource list on Digital Citizenship.


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September 2017 New Books in TDSB Professional Library

Check out the New Book list for September 2017 in You will see new books on Classroom strategies & activities, Effective leaders/Effective schools, Mathematics, Science & STEM, and more …

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EQAO 2016-2017 Provincial Results

From Judy Chyung, Librarian – TDSB Professional Library

The Provincial  EQAO results for the academic year 2016-2017 were released yesterday.

Here are the Highlights from  Primary- and Junior-Division Provincial Assessments 2017:

  • Improvement in Literacy Over the Past Five Years
    •  READING: Of the students who had not met the provincial reading standard in Grade 3, the proportion who improved to meet it in Grade 6 has steadily increased, from 51% to 54%, over the past five years.
    • WRITING:  Of the students who had not met the provincial writing standard in Grade 3, the proportion who improved to meet it in Grade 6 has steadily increased, from 51% to 52%, over the past five years.
  • Decline in Mathematics Success Over the Past Five Years
    •  Increasing percentage of students who met the mathematics standard
      in grade 3 did not do so in grade 6.
    • The proportion of students improving to meet the standard in Grade 6 has decreased by four percentage points, from 17% to 13%, over the past five years. This finding is of particular significance given that EQAO analyses have consistently shown that students who do not meet the provincial standard early in their schooling—that is, in either Grade 3 or Grade 6, or both—are much more likely to carry those difficulties into Grade 9.EQAO2017

Chart from Primary- and Junior-Division Provincial Assessments 2017

Also check out today’s Globe and Mail article on the  Provincial EQAO results.

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Declining math scores & reading gender gap red flags from PISA report

From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

A new report from the C.D. Howe Institute notes 3 key red flags for educators from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluation results:

  • Declining math scores
  • Lower reading scores for boys compared to girls
  • And middling scores for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the 4 Atlantic province

Every 3 years, the OECD uses PISA to evaluate school system performance in member & partner countries. While, overall, Canada’s school system is ranked favourably (10th in math, 3rd in reading & 7th in science), C.D. Howe has indicated these three areas of concern.

If these red flags are a concern at your school and in your classroom, the Professional Library has some resources that might be useful.

Improving Literacy Skills for Boys:

Top Math Resources

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Teach the Sustainable Development Goals with the World’s Largest Lesson

From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

Produced by Project Everyone, an organization dedicated to informing everyone in the world about The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, World’s Largest Lesson is an initiative designed to help teachers introduce their students to these goals.

On the World’s Largest Lesson site, educators can find:

  • Educator training courses on the Goals
  • Lesson plans for students from 4 to 14+
  • Initiatives to help students take action on the Goals outside of the classroom

These resources would also support TDSB’s focus on building student global competencies, specifically the development of global citizenship & character.

Check out some books from the Professional Library that centre around fostering global citizenship in the classroom:

You can also find some useful global citizenship resources on the Virtual Library:

  • Gapminder: Created by Hans Rosling, this site is designed to break down global stereotypes and allows students to compare families & countries around the world
  • CultureGrams: Access stats, videos, photos & more for over 200 countries
  • National Geographic Education: Find fabulous K-12 lesson plans on issues from world hunger to water accessibility to climate change

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Learn about Culturally Relevant & Responsive School Library Learning Commons at Treasure Mountain Canada

From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

Calling all teacher librarians! Registration for Treasure Mountain Canada 2017 is now open.

The research symposium & think tank will be held October 20th & 21st in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This year’s symposium will focus on culturally relevant and responsive learning environments, instructional approaches and learning partnerships for school library and learning commons.

To get teacher librarians thinking about conference themes, Treasure Mountain Canada has compiled an annotated list of key resources.

Over the 4 prior symposia, Treasure Mountain Canada has amassed 100+ research papers related to school libraries and learning commons. You can read past papers through the Treasure Mountain Canada website:

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Dietary Dangers

From Judy Chyung, Librarian – TDSB Professional Library

The article in the Globe and Mail today talks about how “schools must walk a delicate line in an age of heightened allergy awareness”.

It points out a policy from Quebec’s largest school board that has decided that their “school staff do not ban or confiscate any foods at lunch … because it creates a false sense of security.”  This is possible because “Quebec lets school boards develop their own protocols.”  David Fischer, president of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, says “banning foods is not effective because accidents happen. Studies do not show a significant reduction in reaction rates at schools that have bans, he said.”

“In 2005, Ontario became the first to introduce legislation,”  Sabrina’s Law, “that  forced schools to have an allergy policy that includes training for school staff and individual safety plans for students who are at risk.”

TDSB has an Analphylaxis policy  according to  Ontario’s Sabrina’s Law.

TDSB Teaching Resources (Media Library) has a DVD, Sabrina’s Law, which is about 13-year-old Sabrina Shannon who died in 2003 from complications brought about by anaphylactic shock. The suspected cause of death: eating french fries served in the school cafeteria. The film follows the Shannons’ journey as they struggle to deal with their daughter’s death and embark on a heroic crusade to establish the groundbreaking legislation worldwide.

If any TDSB staff would like to borrow the DVD, please click on the title and press “Book Item”.

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