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TDSB celebrates Islamic Heritage Month in October 2018!


Islamic Heritage Month Guide 2018  from Professional Library will lead you to great resources to learn and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Canadian Muslims.

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TDSB celebrates Somali Heritage Month in October 2018!


Discover all the wonderful resources in our Somali Heritage Resource Guide 2018 to help you “celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of Canadians of Somali descent.”

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Responsibility – Character Education in October!


Each month, the Professional Library posts a list of K-12 Character Education resources including books, streamed media, and online articles.

October’s Character Education trait is Responsibility.

Check out our full Responsibility list ( or browse some highlighted resources below.


🍁 Pasquet, J. (2017). My Wounded Island | Review | An Iñupiat girl named Imarvaluk and her family are forced to relocate to the centre of their island as it is slowly devoured by an invisible sea creature.  A powerful conversation starter discussing climate change, climate refugees, and our environmental responsibilities.

Responsibility (PebbleGO) | JK-3 | A short article outlining what it means to be responsible at school, at home and around town.  Features read-aloud and highlighted vocabulary words with glossary. TDSB Students and Educators, login to access away from school:


🍁 Jones, K. (2017). A Fair Deal: Shopping for Social Justice | Review | Through an exploration of fair trade, this book encourages readers towards socially responsible consumerism. Available in the Professional Library

🍁 It’s Time! (CBC Curio) | 7-12 | Video; investigates the impact of colonization, ways to heal after generations of trauma, and Canada’s responsibility to improve its relationship with Indigenous peoples. TDSB Educators, login to access away from school:


🍁 Nanji, S. (2017). Ghost Boys | Review | When Munna leaves his poor family in India at 15 looking for a job to support his family, he is taken to work on a camel farm where conditions for the young jockeys are horrendous.  Munna struggles with his sense of responsibility to his family, and to the boys on the farm. A coming-of-age story with social and political themes.

🍁 Roboticize Me (CBC Curio) | 9-12 | Video; An intelligent and amusing look at the evolution of robots, the ethical concerns some have, and our responsibilities as humans.TDSB Educators, login to access away from school:

These resource lists are produced to support teacher-librarians and teachers as they deliver instruction regarding the Character Education initiative and may be appropriate for read-alouds, literature circles, library displays and more.

Check out our past Character Education Resource lists (starting September 2017):






Please note:

  • These are selected resources based on favourable literature reviews;
  • The Professional Library may own some of the listed books; teachers should also check their school libraries or local public libraries for availability;
  • Teachers should preview material for appropriateness before instructional use or recommending them to students.


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New Books in YOUR Professional Library!

septnewSee the new books we collected for you over the summer at  Topics include Literacy, Social Studies, Classroom Strategies, Math, STEM and more!

Highlights include:

To have your choices couriered directly to your school please use our online catalogue for the self service “Steps to request a book” on the top right of the New Books List.  You can also request books by contacting us at or 416-395-8289.

Check out our Pinterest New Books Board if you prefer a more visual approach to ‘judging’ our new books by their covers!

We love being part of your learning conversations!

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Resources for Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

We’re feeling inspired by this empowering message to kids from Elise Gravel

This is a fantastic resource for encouraging students to understand their emotions and feel empathy for others; both elements of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Check out some of our newest SEL titles:


Reserve books for delivery to your school from our catalogue:

Watch for a Social Emotional Learning Resource List coming soon from your Professional Library.

What resources would you include on the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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TDSB celebrates Orange Shirt Day (Sept 30, 2018)


TDSB  will mark Orange Shirt Day on Friday, September 28th. On this day, “students and staff across the TDSB will come together and wear Orange Shirts to recognize the harm that the Residential School System did to First Nations, Métis and Inuit children and to recognize that every child matters.”

Orange Shirt Day is an annual event that started in 2013 to recognize the legacy of Residential school system for First Nations, Métis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Métis and Inuit families today.”

If you want to dig deeper, check out these fabulous resources lists and pinterest board created by TDSB Professional Library:

Here are some great websites for lesson plans to check out:


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Ontario Elementary Curriculum at a Glance


Check out this helpful table of Ontario Elementary Curriculum –  September 2018 at a glance.  It lists all the current Ontario elementary curriculum by subject and the related resource documents.


Judy Chyung, Librarian
TDSB Professonal Library


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