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Vote for the book you think all TDSB teachers should read! #tdsbReads

From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

On Wed. Oct. 18th at 4:30pm, the TDSB Professional Library held its inaugural TDSB Teachers Read event. 5 great educators shared the 5 inspiring books they believe all TDSB Teachers should read.

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Now, it’s your turn to vote for the book you like best! Voting is open until Wed. Oct. 31st, and we’ll announce the winning title on Thurs. Nov. 1st. Learn more about the event below.

Watch the discussion:

After each giving a 5 minute presentation on the merits of their selected titles, our panelists Rahim Essabhai, Chris Lee, Diana Maliszewski, Christina Saunders & Jennifer Watt engaged in a lively discussion that touched on the practical applications of each of their texts.

Rahim, who presented The Opposable Mind by Roger Martin, highlighted the value of the models discussed in his book for students of all ages. He talked about integrative thinking fairs where students in the primary grades are called to talk about how they have used tools like pro-con charts and the ladder of inference to solve problems.

Chris discussed how his selection, Intentional Talk by Elham Kazemi & Allison Hintz, which focused on conversations in math classrooms, could have broader implications for “setting the norms for a learning classroom, instead of a teaching classroom,” no matter the subject.

Diana emphasized that her book, Calm, Alert & Learning by Dr. Stuart Shanker was designed not only to help teachers provide students with self-regulation techniques, but also to help teachers who are burned out and stressed use these techniques themselves. She also mentioned other ways teachers can learn about self-regulation beyond the book, encouraging the audience to check out Dr. Stuart Shanker’s MEHRIT Centre for additional professional learning opportunities.

While Christina‘s book is designed for use with older students, she argued that Strength and Struggle by Rachel A. Mishenene & Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse would be equally valuable for elementary students to introduce complex ideas like social justice, colonization, resiliency and equity. While the students may not fully understand these concepts, Christina emphasized the value of using the reader to “begin these conversations.”

Jennifer recognized that books with practical teaching strategies are extremely useful; however, she emphasized that her book, Releasing the Imagination by Maxine Greene will allow teachers to take a step back, look at the big picture and think about why they’re using these strategies. Even though Jennifer’s text is 20 years old, she asserted the importance of reading this classic work “because it provokes a lot of questions related to critical awareness on the part of teachers.”

The panelists did an excellent job emphasizing why it was important to read their selections, and we’re so grateful to them for sharing their expertise.

More information about the panelists & their book selections is available on our website:






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Resources to support Outdoor Education


Judy Chyung, Librarian – TDSB Professional Library

Check out the Great resources on Outdoor Education available from the TDSB Professional Library to support the Take Me Outside Day on October 25, 2017!

Take Me Outside Day is an initiative to help raise awareness about the importance of outdoor education.  You can download the official Take Me Outside Day Poster for 2017 from the official site.

If you have any questions about our resources or need information, please reach out to us:




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