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OLA Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List: Maud

From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

The seventh in our blog series on the OLA Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List. Selected by kids for kids, the list has 20 great books for students grades 5 through 8. Follow along on the blog as I attempt to profile as many books on the list as I can before the school year starts up again.
Today I’ll be profiling Maud by Melanie J. Fishbane

The Haiku Review


first loves, bosom friends / Prince Edward to Prince Albert / Maud finds her true self

Major Players:
This book features so many colourful characters, and Fishbane includes a helpful guide to Maud’s family and friends at the beginning of the book. Here are just a few of the most important

  • Maud, a young Lucy Maud Montgomery, who has dreams of becoming a published writer and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in
  • Mollie MacNeill and Laura Pritchard, Maud’s best friends in Cavendish and Prince Albert respectively
  • Nate Lockhart, Maud’s first love with whom she shares books and notes in class
  • Will Pritchard, Maud’s true love who stands up for her at school and who she would marry if she didn’t want to pursue a life for herself

One-Sentence Summary
A lovely fictional retelling of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s youth as she tries to find a home, first with her grandparents in Cavendish and then with her father in Prince Albert, that will help her to lead an independent life and achieve her dreams.

Historical Background
Fishbane includes some really useful information about Lucy Maud Montgomery at the book’s end including what happened to Maud and her friends later in life, as well as how Maud’s friends helped inspired Anne of Green Gables.

Quick Quotes
“Maud was deeply disappointed that her friend wouldn’t fight for her art, but she also understood. She remembered Miss Gordon’s words about the difficult road that lay ahead for any woman who wanted a career. It took a special kind of determination, one that she knew she had” (p. 280).

What’d I think?
8/10 bosom friends
As a big Anne of Green Gables fan, I really enjoyed following in the footsteps of the book’s creator during the period of her life where so many of the ideas for Anne took root. You can see so much of Anne in the Maud Melanie Fishbane has drawn: she’s independent, unafraid to speak her mind and determined to follow her dreams (no matter how many cute young men cross her path). While the book perhaps moves a little slowly, I’m sure that won’t deter Anne fans who are dying for the chance to jump back into L.M. Montgomery’s world once more.

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