OLA Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List: A Month of Mondays

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From Natalie C., Reference & Digital Resources Librarian

This year, the Ontario Library Association put out its first summer reading list — selected by kids for kids. The list has 20 great books for students grades 5 through 8.

As a librarian in the Professional Library I end up reading a lot of book reviews, but don’t often get the chance to read the books themselves. As a challenge this summer, I thought I’d try to make my way through the Forest Kid Committee list to get a sense of what students across the Board are reading. Follow along on the blog as I attempt to profile as many of them as I can before the school year starts up again.

First up: A Month of Mondays by Joelle Anthony

The Haiku Review


middle school and moms / she needs some motivation / makes it up in love

Major Players:

  • Sullen smart-aleck Suze Tamaki
  • Her sister Tracie, the teen-angst queen
  • Suze’s Dad & mom Caroline who’s more Caroline than mom
  • Suze’s Three Musketeer best friends: Amanda, Leigh & Jessica
  • Vice Principal Farbinger who just doesn’t get it
  • The kinda dreamy English teacher Mr. Baker

One Sentence Summary
Seventh-grader Suze Tamaki is in for a rude-awakening when her mom comes back to town and her family, her friends and her teachers are asking her to try just a little bit harder.

Who’s it for?
Any middle schooler who feels like they just can’t quite get it together.

Quick Quotes
“I have three women who think they’re my mom. My sister Tracie has mothered me since I was three, when ours left us. Aunt Jenny steps in when an authority figure is needed and she thinks my dad’s being a slacker. Caroline, the one who gave birth to me? She sends the checks” (p. 1)

“Maybe someday they’d bronze this chair for me and stick a plaque on it that said something like: In memory of Suze Tamaki – for dress code violations, habitual tardiness, and all-around smart-alecky attitude” (p. 2)

“I screamed, lost my balance, and crash-landed onto the rhododendron below. I flapped around uselessly, trying to untangle myself from the girl-eating bush, but like in that Harry Potter book, the more I struggled the faster I stuck” (p. 219)

What’d I think?

7.5/10 estranged mothers

Anthony’s authentic voice gives Suze’s issues appropriate heft as she tackles tough stuff with her mom while trying to balance responsibilities at school. Relatable, realistic fiction for anyone who feels like they consistently get up on the wrong side of the bed.

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