Better student health? Eliminate junk food from schools

June 27, 2017 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

The media has been all over a recent report from Philip Leonard that looked at the BMI index of Canadian students ages 12-25, and found that  students in provinces that had banned the sale of junk food in schools, had lower/healthier weights.

From the Toronto Star article Junk Food Ban in Canadian Schools is Working, by Michael Macdonald :  “His research revealed that for each year a student was exposed to a junk food ban, there was a corresponding 0.05 decline in their BMI, a value derived from height and weight. As a result, the students not allowed to make junk food purchases at school for five or more years were, on average, about two pounds lighter than students who did not face a ban.”

See also: NB CBC News “Banning of junk food sales in Canadian schools having a positive effect” and Global News School junk food bans have positive impact on weight.

Check ’em out! Rowan

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