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Education can effectively confront ‘risky business’

Checkout the OECD Education & Skills Today blog , particularly the June 13 blog titled Risky Business by Tracy Burns.

The author writes ” While very different topics, environmental degradation, financial crises, cyber-attacks and social instability both within and in between countries have all been identified as risks for OECD countries and indeed, the whole world. Their global nature means that all of these risks require a co-ordinated international response. Education has a key role to play: as a preventative tool, it can be used to raise awareness as well as shape the attitudes and responsible behaviours of a generation of conscious global citizens. Education can also mitigate the effects of risks by equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with crises as they emerge, building their resilience in the process.”

The blog is based on a report titled Trends Shaping Education: Spotlight 10: Globalisation of Risk that looks at various risk factors (including environmental*, economic, technological, socio/political, radicalism/extremism) and determines that “education can play a role in preventing and mitigating these risks by building resilience and developing the responsible and sustainable behaviours needed for a secure, global future” (p. 1).

From the blog (based on the report)

  1. Education can prepare the future workforce with the skills required to address emerging risks.
  2. Education can be a catalyst for changing knowledge, attitude and behaviour
  3. Education can reduce the impact of risk and crises
  4. Education can protect and prevent young people from engaging in risky behaviour.

It’s interesting, positive. Check it out! Rowan

*Ontario Highlight, page 3 of Globalisation, acknowledges The Ontario Eco Schools Program 

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See what’s new on TeachOntario

In June keeping afloat is your priority. But in the middle of the summer when you brain is going through the same summer slide as the students, you may be looking for some mental stimulation.

Remember the Professional Library is OPEN July and August and we can offer armfuls of resources to kick start your personal professional learning …. Stay tuned for our Best Books Ev-er 2016-2017! list and discover what your colleagues have been reading this year.

Another place for free resources is the TeachOntario site (hosted by TVO)  – joining is totally recommended.  There are all sorts of things to check out, not the least of which is the 2017 (2016 too)  video series supporting professional learning.  It includes the following randomly-selected-by-me-titles: Innovating for Social Justice; Design Thinking for Innovation; Spiralled Curriculum; Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child Break the Stress Cycle.

TeachOntario is offering an online course on coding titled Beyond the Hour of Code, July 4-14. where you can “learn about the history and pedagogy of computer science, its importance for the future as well as how to integrate it into existing curriculums. With a focus on math process expectations, participants will explore assessment and evaluation while focusing the process of learning using tools like Scratch Jr., Scratch and Python and hardware tangibles like Makey Makey and Micro:Bit

You can also explore how mood may affect learning. “The group discovered that students who documented their moods were better able to identify and understand changes to their moods… Students also described how they are less reactive, had a greater understanding of how to describe their feelings, and how their emotions impacted their behaviour. They also now possessed strategies to regulate their mood through exercise, rest, and mindfulness.”

Get in the mood for summer and keep us handy for you professional learning needs be they formal AQ courses or rainy day reading.



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