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3 new releases in Ministry What Works Series

Dated April 2017, the Ministry has released 3 new monographs in the What Works: Research into Practice series. They are:

  1. Think about it:Renewing Our Commitment to Teaching for Critical
    Thinking in the Social Studies and History Curricula
    [pdf] From page 2:  “Effective critical thinking does not require students to just “think”; rather, it requires that they think about “something,” and that means thinking about curricular content and applying a wide repertoire of skills needed to address critical questions or tasks.”


  1. Facilitating Activist Education [pdf] From page 4: “Activist education engages students intellectually in learning tasks that are relevant to their lives and communities.
    Simultaneously, students may become engaged citizen activists – people who see themselves as capable of affecting positive change for social and ecological justice.”
  2. Supporting Early Literacy Learning Through Play [pdf] From page 2:  “Educators need to interact with their students by modelling possible ways to use the literacy materials they have introduced and through asking children questions that encourage the use of literacies. However, an educator’s role extends beyond engaging students in play;  he or she needs to create a classroom that also respects and encourages play.”

Check ’em out! Rowan


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Canadian Autism Partnership Project

The purpose /objective of the Canadian Autism Partnership Project (CAPP) is to:

  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for the development of a Canadian Autism Partnership in Canada.
  • Facilitate and support a national leadership group that will oversee the plan development and implementation to ensure it meets targeted outcomes.
  • Develop an engagement plan that will enhance input from across Canada, with a focus on the lived experience of Canadians with ASD, their families and caregivers.

Read their reports here and in particular the executive report Better Together

From page 3:  “Canadians identified a range of pressing concerns that have been consolidated into the following five broad categories, which reflect the complex, systemic issues facing Canadians with ASD:

  • Early identification and early intervention;
  • Employment;
  • Interventions and services to optimize quality of life at all ages;
  • Specialized medical care, including access to dental and mental health services; and
  • Education, including transitions to work, post-secondary education and independent life. “

Check it out!

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