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People for Education release Arts report

From their website:

“Elementary teacher candidates in Ontario are only required to take one course in the arts, but Ontario’s Arts curriculum is extremely detailed, and requires in-depth knowledge, making it a challenge for teachers without specialized arts training.

In 2016/17:

  • Only 41% of elementary schools have specialist music teachers, and the vast majority of those are part-time.
  • 15% of schools with grades 7 and 8 have a visual arts teacher, a number which has been fairly consistent over the past decade.
  • 8% of schools with grades 7 and 8 have a specialist drama teacher.
  • 30% of elementary schools have itinerant music teachers/instructors.
  • 40% of schools have no music teacher at all (itinerant instructor or music specialist). This is a substantial increase in schools with no music teacher (from 31% in 2007-08).

Many principals cited difficulties finding qualified music teachers in rural areas. Others reported challenges in hiring specialist teachers due to new regulations that may make it more difficult to hire teachers based on their specialty. In addition, an underlying perception that other curriculum areas, such as math, take priority over the arts, can create scheduling challenges in schools.”

Note that the GTA has the highest percentage (62%)  of elementary schools with a full or part time music teacher.

Read the 2017 report and recommendations here [pdf].

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June 1-8 is Canada Learning Code Week

Canada Learing Code Week – the website is here. “No coding experience necessary. Our lessons and training are designed for non-technical educators to empower learners to bring their own unique perspective and voice to the telling of our shared Canadian history through code”

Want more resources? TDSB teachers can check out the Professional Library list of books on coding:  It is a Google doc remmebr to use your TDSB network password to access it. To borrow books – click on the title from the list or contact us at (416) 395-8289 or email

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