Recent articles on having fun -or not- with learning (mental health; phys ed)

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From page 18: “This research suggests that in order for mental health and wellbeing programmes in schools to be acceptable to young people themselves, they need to be engaging, fun, and to meet students ‘where they are at’. The research further suggests that attention needs to be focussed on the facilitator of these programmes, with the qualities of empathy, genuineness and respect, seen as central to their successful delivery.”
Ferkel, Rick C., et al. (2017) Beyond “Fun”: The Real Need in Physical Education. Physical Educator, 74(2), 255-268.
From page 263:  “There is a need for a shift from fostering environments that are simply fun to challenging and engaging educational environments that align with the (foundational) physical education groundwork that has shaped the PE field. Although this shift would push students out of their comfort zones and possibly impinge on their momentary enjoyment and desires, it would simultaneously provide students with true learning opportunities beyond play. Those learning opportunities are the foundation to a lifetime of PA and healthy fitness levels, which will inevitably lead to a higher quality of life (Anokye, Trueman, Green, Pavey, & Taylor, 2012).”
TDSB teachers may contact the Professional Library at (416) 395-8289 or to get copies of these articles.

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