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May is Get Outside Month; MoE 2017 Environmental Education document

Turn that rain frown upside down, grab your wellies, brollies and macks, and investigate your school yard.  Toronto Outdoor Education Schools has created a month’s worth of elementary level, student friendly activities to support May is Get Outside Month. TDSB teachers can check out this page on the TDSBweb landing page (& also see lesson archive 2012-2016), or check them out in this Google folder.  PS one of the lessons is all about the effectiveness of storm drains – could be interesting with flood warnings in effect.










2017 Environmental Education: Scope and Sequencing of Expectations Gr 1-8, and the Kindergarten Program [pdf]. From the Ministry: “This resource document has been prepared to assist teachers in bringing environmental education into the classroom in each subject area in Grades 1 to 8 and in the Kindergarten program. In the elementary curriculum, most of the expectations connected explicitly with aspects of environmental education are found in the science and technology curriculum and the social studies, history, and geography curriculum. In other subject areas, connections can be made to environmental topics or issues in various ways, and some suggestions for making such connections are given in brief comments.”


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Recent article on Digital Badges

Here is an article that might interest: Ferdig, R.E. , et al. (2017, Mar./Apr.)  Going Digital With Badges. Principal, 96(4), 26-29.

From the article:

  • Badges reward accomplishment and demonstrate a set of shared metrics. They showcase learning (p. 26)
  • there are 3 key reasons for using digital badges: students are already engage in opportunities for badges in their daily lives; you can use badges to rethink assessment; badges can shape learning (p. 28).

Here are a couple of other online resources

TDSB teachers can contact us for a copy of the article – or any others on this topic.  Phone (416) 395-8289 or email




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Best library team – ever!

Professional Library team (the-everyone-wearing-glasses pic!)


From left to right: Mary, Judy A., Rosemary, Judy C., Dawne, Rowan, Natalie

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