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Fullan on Leadership (10 short video clips)

From Michael Fullan’s site:  “The Ontario Ministry of Education filmed a series of 10 short videos (5 minutes each) on Leadership with Michael Fullan. These video clips cover a range of new ideas from Michael Fullan’s recent work on ‘leadership for deep learning’.

The videos can be viewed on the YouTube Channel.”

Check ’em out! Rowan

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10 Principles for schools of modern learning

10 Principles for Schools of Modern Learning: The Urgent Case of Re-imaging Today’s Schools is an ebook released by Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon.

From page 2:

“Provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta in Canada, and countries like New Zealand, and Finland are beginning to take “reimagination” seriously, and their new models are beginning to steer the global conversation around change.”


“we believe that a shared experience of schooling serves an important function in the development of local, national, and global communities, increasing social justice and the ability to solve problems at a global scale. In short, we are strong advocates for community-based schools. But we are also outspoken in our support for a significant rethinking of the school experience as currently constituted. In short, the new, modern contexts for learning and education and our long held beliefs about how children learn best demand it”

From page 7: The 10 Principles of Modern Schools

  1.  Have clearly articulated and shared beliefs about learning that are lived in every classroom.
  2. Live a mission and a vision deeply informed by new contexts for learning.
  3. Have cultures where personal, self-determined learning is at the center of student and teacher work.
  4. See curriculum as something that is co-constructed to meet the needs and interests of the child.
  5. Embrace and emphasize real-world application and presentation to real audiences as assessment for learning.
  6. See transparency and sharing as fundamental to a powerful learning environment.
  7. Use technology first and foremost as an amplifier for learning, creating, making, connecting, communicating, collaborating, and problem solving.
  8. Develop and communicate in powerful ways new stories of learning, teaching, and modern contexts for schooling.
  9. Encourage community wide participation in the equitable, effective education of children.
  10. Embrace and anticipate constant change and evolution

Read some articles about this:

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