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MediaSmarts release tip sheet on False News

From today’s MediaSmarts web page titled MediaSmarts and Facebook Tackle False News in Canadian Initiative: “MediaSmarts is partnering with Facebook Canada to help Canadians become better informed readers in the digital age. False online content isn’t a new problem, and it’s not unique to Facebook, but it is up to all of us to fight it. Many of us lack the search, authentication and critical thinking skills we need to find accurate information online and to recognize false or misleading content”

How to recognize false content online – the new 5 Ws [pdf] provides a 5 W lens (what, why, who,when, and where) to think about, to question and inquire about news – from any source – before believing, promoting  and sharing.

Check it out! Rowan

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Bee Odyssey app from Canada Food and Agriculture Museum

From the Canada Food and Agriculture Museum: 

Bee Odyssey is an engaging and beautiful adventure game that allows players to try flying and surviving from the micro-perspective of a honeybee.

Take on the role of a lost bee as she tries to find her missing hive. Pollinate flowers, navigate obstacle-filled paths and evade predators and pesticides.


  • Explores the key role that bees play in nature and agriculture as pollinators
  • Features the plants, predators and habitats that honeybees encounter in a northern climate
  • Discover facts about the importance of protecting biodiversity
  • Have fun experiencing interactions in ecosystems
  • Compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Fun for all ages!

Download a free version of Bee Odyssey now on iTunes or Google Play.

Are you a teacher or an educator? You could win the chance to receive a limited edition, classroom-ready version of the mobile game to supplement your lessons. Sign up for the chance to receive the teacher version here!

Check it out! Rowan

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Peters Projection (world) map

This has been in the news recently, especially since some Boston schools have been using it  – see Mindshift Students See A New World With More Accurate Maps in which ” Introduced at a conference in Germany in 1974, historian Arno Peters’ map aims to fix the Mercator’s inaccuracies, which vastly exaggerate the size of land masses approaching the north and south poles — and in doing so, help prop up a decidedly eurocentric worldview.”

Interested? Here are a couple of other articles:

Check ’em out! Rowan



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