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Creating a school culture to improve student behaviour

From the UK Department of Education : “An independent review providing practical guidance to teachers about how to tackle bad behaviour in the classroom was released  March 24 2017.

Teacher and behaviour expert Tom Bennett spent several months meeting classroom teachers and leaders from a variety of schools to identify successful strategies used to tackle disruptive behaviour.

His report ‘Creating a culture: how school leaders can optimise behaviour’ [pdf] (76 pages) concludes that while there is no ‘silver bullet’, there are a variety of strategies that can be used to tackle poor behaviour.

It also highlights that although standards of behaviour can be a challenge for schools, leadership is key to creating the right culture to tackle this issue.”

Check it out! Rowan

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LDAO video on using math manipulatives

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) has released a 7+ minute video titled Math Manipulatives: Tools to Help All Students Become Effective Problem Solvers “Students with LDs may have trouble learning number facts, doing calculations, understanding visual-spatial relationships or solving math problems. These difficulties mean that on paper, math often looks like a bunch of abstract symbols. Watch this video to see how teachers at Sagonaska Demonstration School are using manipulatives to help students at all grade levels improve their mathematical reasoning and problem solving”

Check it out! Rowan


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