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Edutopia article on impact of Feedback

M. Stenger has posted an article on Edutopia titled Maximizing Your Feedback’s Impact. She offers 4 tips:

  1. Understand the Barriers to Strong Engagement With Feedback
  2. Help Students Develop the Skills to Use Feedback Well
  3. Provide Students Opportunities to Implement Feedback
  4. Help Students See That Improvement Is Achievable

The Professional Library can provide TDSB teachers with lots of resources on the topic of feedback. Here are some new book titles:

Books can be reserved through the catalogue or contact us at (416) 395-8289 or 

Check ’em out! Rowan


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Left Out: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Canada’s schools

Left Out: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Canada’s schools [pdf] is a new report released by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

From p. 1, the Executive Summary:  As this study will show, a significant proportion of persons with disabilities, aged 15 or older, report experiencing bullying, encountering barriers and being excluded at school. Students with disabilities are lacking the institutional support, the accommodation, the funding and the programs and infrastructure required to access and benefit from the same quality of education as their fellow students. Moreover, students with disabilities are grappling with social exclusion, avoidance and bullying. These issues are the reality for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students with disabilities alike—whether they are living in remote areas of Canada, on First Nations reserves, or in cities and urban centres across the country. The impacts of these barriers are serious.

At worst, they are causing as many as 10 per cent of people with disabilities to stop their education altogether, long before they’ve had a chance to obtain their desired level. In a country like Canada, where people should be free to make for themselves the lives they wish to have, this report shows that Canadians with disabilities are being forced to limit the scope of their educational choices and career paths, and at worst cut their education short or leave it behind completely.

Check it out!

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