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Article: Looking Race in the Face

The February 2017 issue of [Phi Delta] Kappan includes an article titled Looking Race in the Face: Schools that achieve strong results with black students address race directly and teach in ways that empower students to learn (by Mitchell, Hinueber and Edwards,  [98(5), pp.24- 29]).

From page 24: “Schools that do achieve strong results for black students address racial dynamics carefully yet directly, empower students to bring their whole selves to school, and teach in ways that leverage students’ experiences and cultures. In particular, these schools do four things to ensure success with black students:

  • They direct attention, strategies, and resources to black student achievement.
  • They provide opportunities for adult learning about race, culture, class, and power and about how those dynamics make certain communities vulnerable.
  • They foster strong relationships between educators and black students.
  • They create classroom environments that emphasize excellence and empower students to exercise agency over their own learning.”

TDSB teachers may contact the Professional Library to request a copy of the article (we’ll email it to you). 416-395-8289 or Note that this issue is a theme issue titled Black Student Learning Matters and you may want to know about the other articles.

Check it out, Rowan

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Innovations in thinking @ The Learning Exchange

From the Learning Exchange web site:

Innovations in Thinking and Learning: Building a Thinking Classroom: “The purpose of this resource is to introduce educators to 3 approaches that lead to deep learning: Knowledge Building, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and Integrative Thinking. This type of learning that focuses on problem solving and developing critical modes of thinking is essential to prepare students to be happy and successful now and in their future lives. Each pedagogy helps students develop the competencies they need to become responsible and contributing global citizens.

This resource introduces the key ideas of each approach through the words of the founding thinkers. Primary, junior, intermediate and senior classroom examples illustrate what effective teaching and learning might look like through the lens of each approach.”

There is lots here to take in, and many. many videos (interviews, lessons, and more.

Check it out! Rowan

PS IMHO, Ontario educators should bookmark the Learning Exchange as well as the EduGains site

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