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Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographics

Check out these 20 Creative Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographics Everybody Loves Using – from Global Digital Citizen Foundation – some you will have seen before. It includes a free downloadable poster of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs – you will have to register to get it.


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Globe and Mail article on French Immersion teachers across Canada

In the February 2nd edition of the Globe and Mail, Caroline Alphonso wrote an article titled Quality of French-Immersion Teachers Questioned as Demand Soars in Canada.

From Alphonso’s article: “With interest in French immersion increasing – enrolment climbed about 41 per cent between 2004-05 and 2014-15, according to Statistics Canada – the competition among school boards for qualified second-language teachers is fierce, and at times desperate. A teaching position in English attracts hundreds of applicants. In French, a school district is lucky if it receives a handful of applications.

But the mismatch in supply and demand has led to concerns about the qualifications of second-language teachers and also about burnout among new teachers who leave for the English program because of intense parent scrutiny.”

For more information (in no special order), consider

Canadian Parents For French.   The State of FSL Education in Canada. and Enrollment Trends

Ontario mInistry of Education. French as a Second Language

THE STATE OF FRENCH SECOND-LANGUAGE EDUCATION PROGRAMS IN CANADA Report of the Standing Committee on Official Languages.

TDSB. French Programs.

Check ’em out!

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