Fullan article Developing Humanity: Education’s Emerging Role

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Michael Fullan’s website includes a PDF of a 3-page article titled Developing Humanity: Education’s Emerging Role.  Before you read the article, I recommend that you review this website: http://npdl.global/  (New Pedagogies for Deep Learning).

From page 11:  “I want to highlight the biggest surprise of the lot: that deep learning, when immersed in real problems locally and globally, uncovers, cultivates and yields a natural tendency among young people to ‘help humanity.’ (p. 11)

From page 12: There are at least six factors that conspire to give these developments the potential of being profound forces for radically transforming the education system.

  1. education becomes real-life, real time for students. They become attracted to today’s issues that come to mean something personal – indeed igniting their passion, engagement and excitement. The 6Cs in action enable this immersion.
  2. it is about hands on doing – making something meaningful happen.
  3. it generates new life and meaning for teachers and other educators.
  4. it draws in students who are traditionally disaffected by traditional schooling. We call this the ‘equity hypothesis’ and are now actively testing it – the new experiences generate motivation and involvement of all students.
  5. parents and families are now connecting to schools because of and through their children and the new learning that is occurring.
  6. we are discovering/uncovering that young people by and large are intrinsically motivated to ‘help humanity,’ not for altruistic reasons but rather because this is how they want to be as humans. Young people – the millennials if you like – are least committed to the status quo, and more committed to making changes, locally and globally.

Check it out! Rowan

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