TDSB research reports released

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The TDSB Research Department does many research-y things, one of which is write reports – sometimes they are summaries of  literature scans, sometimes they summarize TDSB data on various topics/environmental scans. In many cases those reports are made available for public reading via the Director’s page on the TDSB  webpage.

Several November 2016 reports have been uploaded recently.  If you are a zippy ‘headline reader’ like me, you need time and patience to read these type of reports: get in the mental zone, grab a coffee,  and start with the executive summaries.

Here are a few titles:

ACADEMIC OPTIMISM: This sheet covers the most current research including definitions leading to TDSB definitions on Academic Optimism. Click here for the fact sheet (2016).

The Special Education in the Toronto District School Board: Trends and Comparisons to Ontario report compares identification and placement information of students identified with special education needs between the TDSB and the province. Results indicate that the TDSB continues to have two to three times the proportion of students taught in congregated classes as compared to the province. Should the TDSB align their proportions of congregation with that of the rest of the province, the number of students in congregated classes would drop from close to 17,000 students to just over 5,000 students. Click here for the full report (2016).

TEACHING AND LEARNING MATHEMATICS RESEARCH SERIES I: Effective Instructional Strategies: Mathematical skills and confidence are essential for students. Given the importance of mathematical skills and confidence, this study focuses on research-based instructional strategies that can provide guidance for effective classroom practices for supporting student development in mathematics. Click here for the full report (2016).

TEACHING AND LEARNING MATHEMATICS RESEARCH SERIES II: Effective Intervention Strategies: This brief will go hand-in-hand with the Teaching and Learning Mathematics Research Series l: Effective Instructional Strategies to present evidence-based mathematics interventions to help address the challenge of students struggling in mathematics. The interventions outlined are based on meta-analyses, best-evidence synthesis, education reviews, and research briefs from national centers of education in the United States, Australia, European Union, and United Kingdom.  Click here for the brief (2016).

Check ’em out. Maybe choose a blustery day, when the snow and cold are encouraging you to stay indoors. Zone in, grab that coffee, and be prepared to read the same sentence a few times before you get it. Maybe it is just me.






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Glossary to guide you through the edu-babble StatsCan: Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective

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