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Ivan Semeniuk wrote an article in the April 16th edition of the Globe and Mail (p A4) titled New Canada Map Changes Perspective on Arctic Sea Ice, and in it he discusses a revised map of Canada as released by Natural Resources Canada

From Semeniuk’s article: “Whereas the older version of the map showed only that part of the sea ice that permanently covered Arctic waters year round at that time, the new edition uses a 30-year median of September sea-ice extent from 1981 through 2010. September sea ice hit a record low in 2012 and is projected to decline further. The change means there is far more ice shown on the 2015 version of the map than on its predecessor.” To see the Globe and Mail reproduction of the map, click here.

Read the news release about the 2015 edition of the map from the Ministry of Natural Resource Canada, here.  From the release: “The bilingual map of Canada is accessible in downloadable form and a variety of other formats through Canada’s Open Data Portal at”  National Resources Canada web page includes an Atlas of Canada Reference Series, (dated 2006) but I could not see this map included yet.

Canadian Geographic has a large education products section and including maps. They have  6 giant floor maps (Arctic Circle, Canada from Space, The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, Energy Production &Transmission, Parks Canada, Wild Migrations) that may be borrowed for 3 weeks during the school year. On their web page there are tons of guides and resources to support each of these  maps. They also have 2 tiled maps, i.e, you can download in numerous pages, about WWI (24 pages) and Canada (40 pages), again with all sorts of accompanying resources. Teachers have to register to access the giant maps and some other resources, but you can do it online and it is free.

Check it out!


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