Principals and 21st Century Leadership

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The summer 2014 issue of the OPC (Ontario Principal Council)  Register (pp 20-6) includes an article titled Lessons from Around the World: Preparing Principals and Developing School Leadership Associations for the 21st Century. Note the link is to the PDF report not the article.

In the Fall of 2013, the OPC hosted an International Symposium for leaders of principal organizations,  the  purpose of which was to ” interrogate common assumptions about leadership, identify key issues and challenges facing school principals leading in diverse contexts … and brainstorm recommendations for maximizing the impact of school leaders and school leadership organizations” (p. 20).

The article/report include  (among others):

  1. Seven Survival Schools that students need  (eg critical thinking, effective communication skills) (p. 22)
  2. 16 trends impacting education in the 21st century (eg demand for personalization in education,  preparing people for jobs that do not currently exist) (p. 22-3)
  3. Questions for school leaders and their associations
  4. Finding the organizational path to 21st C learning (transformative learning, adaptive leadership, authentic partnerships) (p 24-5)

This paper is the beginning and the OPC expects the dialogue to continue and develop.

If you are not a member of the OPC, you will have to contact us for a copy of the article, or check out the link above for the full report.


PS:  yes, the library is open July and August to assist you with AQ courses. But no all our copies of Adding English by Elizabeth Coelho are out, but we have plenty of other ESL materials.   To contact us, phone (416) 395-8289 or email  🙂


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