How to obtain journal articles – Library Research 101 :)

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Judy C’s post on Thomas Armstrong’s article from the current issue of Educational Leadership (EL) was perfect timing, as I too had reviewed the same EL issue and was trying to figure out how to blog it effectively.  

So, for starters, EL is a very popular journal and most months are theme issues. The October 2012 issue is all about “Students Who Challenge Us”, in other words, classroom management, student discipline. This is a perennial hot topic, especially with Beginning Teachers, Spec  Ed Teachers, etc. I could choose to refer readers to the entire issue or I could list the Table of Contents and recommend specific articles, such as the article on page 62 Five Myths About Student Discipline by Laurie Boyd.

So  how do you get an article?

  1. Contact the Professional Library and we can either send you a print copy (not likely, but if you prefer print we will do it) or we can email you an electronic copy (preferred). Sometimes, print is the only way you can get it.
  2. EL is indexed full text in our Ebsco education databases (go to our TDSBweb page, and then the Search for Articles page). Be aware that there may be a gap between the print journal being available and the online content being available. Some journals impose embargos, meaning that the current year may not be available full text online. This is not the case for Educational Leadership, but it is the case for many other popular journals. Embargos are a whole other issue, and we won’t go there now!
  3. You can try to Google it! The ASCD web page highlights the current issue of EL  but only 2 or 3 articles from each issue is available full text for free. You can choose to pay for it online, or go back to Step 1- contact the Professional Library.

There you go, in a nutshell. Whoever said information is free and it is all on the Internet is wrong. If you need an article, TDSB teachers can contact us at (416) 395-8289 or



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