Louis Riel Day is November 16!


Louis Riel Day is celebrated on Friday, November 16 in TDSB.

Check out the resource package produced by the Urban Indigenous Education Centre for TDSB to assist teachers to honour the day.

Professional Library has compiled  Indigenous Resources Lists that you can access anytime.

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Educational Leadership Nov 2018: When Teachers Lead Their Own Learning


The 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development states that 70% of learning comes from hands-on (on-the -job) experience. This Nov 2018 issue of Educational Leadership focuses on different approaches to PD for teachers that enable greater participation of teachers in their learning. Check it out!

Access the full text of the following articles by using the username and password to Ebsco for TDSB staff.

1. Readers React.
2. Redefining Teacher Learning for a New Era.
3.Research Alert: Instructional Coaches Got Game.
4.Peering In on a Peer.
5.Teachers Lack Time, Say in Professional Learning.
6.Teacher Leadership in Action.
7.Mandy Manning on Teacher Leadership.
8.Finding the Heart of Teaching.
9.Learning Walks: Better Together.
10.Learning Together, Learning On Their Own: What if schools could offer teachers both shared professional learning experiences and personalized learning opportunities?
11.An Insider’s Perspective on Transforming PD.
12.Secrets of the Edu-Twitter Influencers.
13.Spreading the Practice of VIDEO REFLECTION.
14.Video-Stimulated Recall: Aiding Teacher Practice.
15.Rural Teachers Forging New Bonds–and New Solutions.
16.Making Teacher Teams WORK: To make an impact on learning, teacher data-inquiry teams need the right kinds of support.
17.Choose Your Own Adventure: Action Research for PD.
18.Using Our Best Resources–Each Other.
19.Let’s Get Jigsaw Right: Will the real jigsaw strategy please step forward?
20.Educating Ourselves for Equity: Learning our way to more equitable schools.
21.Leveraging Teacher Knowledge: Teachers shouldn’t be mere “conduits of policy”.
22.Help Teachers Become Master Learners: Professional development needs greater vision and clarity.
23.Teachers Get Political: Teacher political candidates are the next step in advocacy.
24.Tell Me About: Tell us your best tip or resource for taking charge of your own professional learning.
25.Register for the Global Leadership Summit at Empower19!
26.Welcoming ASCD’s 2018 Emerging Leaders.
27.Upcoming ASCD Conferences.
28.Teacher Learning through a New Lens.

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November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada!


This year’s theme is “Invest in Your Financial Well-Being.”  It’s never too early to start teaching and learning  about financial literacy. TDSB Professional Library has developed a resource list on  Financial Literacy that can help teach students financial literacy.

Here are some online resources from the list. Check them out! 

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We Are All Treaty People: Honouring Treaties Recognition Week


Treaties Recognition Week takes place the first week of November to honour the importance of treaties and encourage Ontarians to learn about treaty rights and relationships.

We’re highlighting resources to support treaty education as we acknowledge that we are all treaty people.

Browse the titles featured above:

Alex Shares his Wampum Belt

Dakota Talks about Treaties

The First Nations of Ontario: Social and Historical Transitions

Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools

We Are All…Treaty People

Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit issues in Canada

Look for more information in our Professional Library Treaties Recognition Week Resource List: bit.ly/PLTreatyRecognition 

To have a book delivered to your school, please reserve it in our online catalogue or contact us: professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca or 416-395-8289

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Fact or Fake: Media Literacy Week November 5-9, 2018


Fact or Fake: Help the World Stop Misinformation in Its Tracks  is the theme for Media Literacy Week 2018. This year’s focus will “highlight the importance of verifying that online information is true, unbiased and relevant.”

TDSB Professional Library has created a great Media Literacy resource list for you to use to fortify your teaching on this topic.  Check it out!

Reality Check! program is a series of short videos, developed by MediaSmarts and Facebook Canada, that will give “Canadians of all ages the tools they need to verify different kinds of online information and to help them understand why it’s important to double-check before they share information online.” Check it out!


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New PL Books for November!


Curl up with some hot Professional Learning Reads this chilly November – see the list at bit.ly/PLNewBooksNovember2018.  Topics include STEM, Special Education, Social Studies and and more!

Highlights include:

To have your choices couriered directly to your school please use our online catalogue for the self service “Steps to request a book” on the top right of the New Books List.  You can also request books by contacting us at professionallibrary@tdsb.on.ca or 416-395-8289.

Check out our Pinterest New Books Board if you prefer a more visual approach to ‘judging’ our new books by their covers!

We love being part of your learning conversations!


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Great Resource Guide to Explore Indigenous Education Month in November


TDSB celebrates Indigenous Education Month in November.  Check out some exciting resources and related lists of resources in this Indigenous Education Month Guide from TDSB Professional Library.

Go ahead and check out all the Heritage Month Resource Guides.

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